A curse or a cruel joke from whatever cosmic consciousness?

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About the” human awareness”(or shall I say pseudo-awareness),that is…
I do understand that for atheists my question appears totally irrelevant.But I am more interested in what the theists and agnostics would have to answer me.Because,it seems that spiritually speaking,awareness does not necessarily mean understanding.Plus,we tend for the truth,but it seems that,even the truth is paradoxically a subjective term.

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de facto Atheist

Cruel? Would you rather be dumb?
I would, and always, rather be conscious and aware.

Don H

It is a teaching mechanism. No more, no less.
When the lesson is through it dissolves like smoke on the wind.
Love and blessings Don


Um… what’s the question?

Jiva Mike

I think it is possible to experience spiritual levels of consciousness including probably cosmic consciousness.
I had spiritual experiences especially at the start of my journey which I did not understand. These experiences were very important to me years later when my understanding opened a little and it was like cross referencing:)) For me it was like its ok I am not delusional I had that experience before I thought it was possible :))
I think we have to use the mind but not let it limit us. Move on by trusting intuition and working with imagination. Hopefully a teacher appears who helps us.
Material truth is one thing and can change. ie the world is flat and of course now we know the world is round and so on.
Definition I like is:- Truth is something that does not change in time or space.
Ultimate Truth in spiritual terms is God.


I like to use the word overstand or innerstand because thinking about it ‘under’standing is another word created by the albions(europeons)meaning that you dont overstand because your ‘under’ the standmenship.You would need an etymology dictionary.Anyways………………a person can be aware of a bird flying but do not overstand the mechanics or the what a bird is.
ps.I do know how fortunate I am to have spiritual trips but the thing is that before you have it, you body is parylized, I know its something I have to get over but not being able to move and aware of whats going on around you at the same time is kind of scary for me.But somtimes I do go purposely cause its like a drug and you dont have to worry about physical things.


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