Home Discussion Forum A crazy/deep question about negative energy.?

A crazy/deep question about negative energy.?

If I think to myself that someone is ugly or stupid, do you think I attract negative energy to myself by doing this, eventhough it is an easy natural thing to do?


  1. There’s no such thing as metaphysical energy. You can attract negativity by the mannerisms you get by thinking negative thoughts about someone, but there really is no such thing as attracting or repelling metaphysical energy.

  2. First ask yourself why are you judging. Then just choose to replace that thought with a more loving and positive one. If you could think of everything you put out there hits a mirror and reflects back to you. Send out positive and positive is returned to you. Send out negative and……..

  3. Yes, because that ugly / stupid person is an individual human being with a fascinating life story. It’s a terribly shallow thing to say someone is ugly or stupid. Sorry, I don’t mean to be condemnatory, but imagine if everyone thought that way. We would lose our shared humanity.

  4. well really it is unkind to think that and to judge others by appearance but thinking something to yourself will not attract negative energy. It will create bad karma though if you say these things aloud and it hurts people feelings, what goes around comes around 3 fold.


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