A couple of questions from a new hot tea drinker.?

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I’ve been drinking tea (TAZO Zen green tea during the day and Celsteal Sleepy Time chamomile at night). It is to my understanding that I’m only supposed to use 8 oz of water per serving. Is this correct? Also, how many times can you steep one tea bag? If more than once, what do you do with the tea bag in the mean time? Any help or additional comments you think I should know would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you can only use the tea bag once, and you can guess the amount of water (estimate)…it’s no biggie lol.


I usually steep a tea bag twice before I throw it away. After that, it doesn’t do much. I keep it on a little dish while I drink my first cup.
You should try Stash teas. Check out their website. I like them way better than Tazo and Sleepytime.


Loose tea leaves can be steeped twice. Tea bags should only be used once, otherwise the second cup will probably be more bitter. Loose tea should be 1 teaspoon (regular, not measure) per 6-8 oz of near boiling water (boil water, wait 20-30 seconds & pour) or 1 teabag per cup. Steep for about 3-4 minutes (some say up to 7, but I think that’s pushing it). If using loose tea in a proper iron kettle, don’t use the included infuser; take it out. Use the infuser when pouring into cup as a strainer.
I like my tea straight, but I will sometimes put buckwheat honey into white tea. Lemon is popular for tea, but I’ve never been fond of milk in mine. When I do use milk (vanilla soy) to make a latte for my wife and I, the milk has to be hot too.


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