A couple of questions about reincarnation?

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1. How does it happen?
2. Does it only happen once to someone?
3. When you are reincarnated, are you brought back as the same gender you previously were? Like say, if you were a dude, would you be reincarnated as a boy again?

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There are no such thing as “past lives.” You either go to heaven or hell depending on whether you put your faith into Jesus or not. Please pray a sincere prayer with all of your heart admitting to Jesus you are a sinner. Have full faith that His blood pays off all of your sins and accept His gift of everlasting life. I pray that God blesses you with peace. Amen.


dont worry about it. it wont happen.


Matthew is a douche…
1. I THINK that your soul sort of ‘Reforms’ flesh and bone (Through birth)
2. Possibly more than once (It varies within religions and philosophies)
3. Also varies in religions, you could have been an animal in your last life or another person.
I could be wrong, this is just my understanding of it.


We all have something to learn and to prefect on this earth plane.
It’s like ethe ‘School of Hard Knocks”. We make a commitment with God in heaven (Our Real Home), then we incarnate to this planet. If we pass on and we didn’t accomplish what we came here to do, we come back again….What we have already learn, we do not have to repeat. We can be any gender, live in whatever country, different race, different name—-but our true essence, our true selves, our personality is the same.
The lesson or job must be finished. It was a choice we made, with God.
We are Eternal beings. What do you think we have to do for all eternity? got to have something to do and keep busy! Huh?
Our ‘Story’, our ‘Drama’ may be different in each life—but the ‘Lesson’ we are here to learn, will be in there—-if it was not finished.
Love, Cyndi


Hmm…As a Christian woman I have to say…I don’t agree with Matthew…Shocking ain’t it?! The bible does speak on reincarnation and there are verses that seem to support the idea and there are verses that seem to negate it. What the Bible does clearly state is the idea of preexisting, which leads to the idea that our souls or spirits are already existing even before we are born. Now my own personal opinion is that there are people in the world who have seen things that normally wouldn’t be in their own time if you know what I mean. It’s all up in the air for me. A question I would ask when I get to heaven…


A soul cycles in and out of incarnation many, many times until it evolves to a certain level. The evolution of consciousness is inevitable but the individual can speed up the process by living a life (or many) of purity, discipline and service.
In between each physical lifetime the soul goes through a period of review and rest. In the review period the soul reviews the lessons learned. This and the resting period are very short in the earlier cycles since the soul is quickly drawn back into incarnation by the desire for sensation and emotion.
In later cycles this period is often longer as the soul has more to assimilate. in the last few cycles the soul may incarnate again immediately giving up the opportunity to rest in order to serve a specific purpose to which it was earlier connected.
Individuals reincarnate in both genders and many ethnic groups over time. They also incarnate as groups in order to achieve a common goal.


Reincarnation is a real phenomina in the physical realm. The human soul recycles and dresses into a protein body to continue it’s evolution. Reincarnation has and continue’s to happen since the beginning of mankind. Yes you are brought back as the same gender and your memory is erased so a new reality can fit into your mind, for the purpose of evolving mroe and more. Find this interesting? Check these out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LG9fauYE-0g http://www.perceivingreality.com


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