A Christian answer on sleep paralysis?

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I don’t know but I seem to experience this problem (sleep paralysis).
It even happened last night.
What is the issue,
Sometimes I’d fall deep asleep than wake up in the middle of the night
and when I try to fall back asleep, my body just freezes.
Is it evil or is it just a sleeping disorder.
I would like a CHRISTIAN answer on this.
I didn’t say that to be offensive (please do not take it in that way)

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It is a sleeping disorder. You should speak with a doctor about it.


I had them for 5 years and they always lasted about 7-10 minutes. Now when I get them I say the lord’s prayer and they stop IMMEDIATELY


Sleep paralysis is not evil, it’s a sleeping disorder that a lot of people suffer from at some point in their lives.


I assume that when you say you want a “Christian answer,” that’s synonymous with “an answer void of scientific evidence.”
Sleep paralysis is a common phenomenon involving brain-body dissociation during REM sleep.
But if you want to make up something about demons and satan or some crap like that, go right ahead. I can’t stop you from being stupid.

Really Now?

I had that happen, it is a B. Go back to sleep. Simple as that.


This medical condition has nothing to do with religion. An appointment with a doctor (preferably a sleep specialist) may be in order if it happens enough to concern you.


Sleep paralysis is one of the first stages of an out of body experience.
1. Sleep paralysis
2. a noise or vibration that keeps getting louder
3. until you pop right out of your head/body
Alien Jesus is waiting to meet you on the other side.



Woody B

It is a medically recognised sleep disorder see a doctor at your earliest convenience.


Pray to Jesus and ask Him to make it stop. It isn’t always just a “sleeping disorder”. Commit it to prayer, for, even if it were only just a “sleeping disorder”, Jesus will help you with that too!
P.S. Everyone that answered your question before me, is not Christian. None of them are.


that is the best way to get out of them pray start going to church because i experienced it today and felt an evil presence


Ask your doctor. It’s a pretty common sleeping disorder. It isn’t all that treatable, but understanding it make it less scary.


I have no idea.


thanks alot Mel

So-Crates Resurrected AGAIN

What exactly is a Christian answer?? One totally devoid of real, honest, useful scientific information?
Its sleep paralysis – a sleeping disorder. If it is evil, what exactly have you been up to that is making you so deserving of this evil you are experiencing????

Allie Q

Why do you need a CHRISTIAN answer on this? I have sleep paralysis. It is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people – people who believe in many different things. Talk to a doctor about it. Talk to a CHRISTIAN doctor, if that makes you feel better.
There really isn’t any cure or treatment for it. At least, there wasn’t one when I went to ask for help. But understanding what it is and why it happens makes it easier to cope with. Good luck.


then why does it only go away when i pray or say God, and Jesus name?


Wow I was just talking about sleep paralysis the other day!
Yes it is evil, whether my answer sounds cheesy or corny, it doesn’t matter because its the truth.
Sleep paralysis can cause other ‘hallucinations’ of different types of beings, usually aliens (who are demons).
Next time you are in sleep paralysis, just say the Jesus prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”
As sincerely as you can, repeat it.
Every person who has experienced sleep paralysis and prayed to God was cured, demons hate God, and they especially hate the “Jesus Prayer”.
Contact me if you want to talk more about this.
It is a demonic occurance, not a sleeping disorder, when you lose control of your mobility, and being trapped in your own body, not having the ability to control it.


the praying method is true i was paralyzed and felt an evil presence until I prayed


How can i contact u?I have alot of questions..i


While I agree that this is a mild sleep disorder I really would not worry about it. There is a period between sleep and wakefulness that can create sleep paralysis. This is a fairly common problem that disappears with or without treatment.


Well, long before I was saved, I was living in a homeless shelter with my then boyfriend. And we had went to the library with this retired military guy who was also a preacher, anyways there was a little lake by the library (This was in Baytown, Tx) and us 3 were standing on the dock and the preacher guy (can;t remember his name) started telling us about God and how he was saved, I rememvber seeing a light float down from the sky, but it could have been the sun i’m not sure, it just looked like a little ball of light coming down, barely visible. But later that night when I was sleeping, I was roomed with another girl, and at about 11 pm I was sleeping and suddenly was aware but couldn;t get my eyes to open or move my body and all of a sudden some loud siren sound started going off in my ears until I thought my ear drums would burst and then I finally broke free of it and got up and ran to the guys side of the shelter and got my boyfriend. I told him and the preacher about it and they weren’t sure what it was either. But one of the women who ran the shelter said that the room I was staying in was a room she hadn’t prayed over, she went into the room and began to pray and cry while I sat outside on the benches while she did that trying to get my nerves settled. But I’m not sure if that was overly religious or what, it was just a weird experience. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep.
Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.


I’ve had some type of nightmareish sleep disorder for years and years, only reading here did I come close to knowing any type of diagnosis, they are truly unimaginably ultimate terror and scary for me and I always end up yelling for Jesus or quoting Scripture, but many times cannot utter sound and am dizzy and sweaty, I always tell people Stephen King would pay big bucks for my “dreams”…I can even awake and go right back in, double yikes, so now I gotta get up and walk around and “change the subject” kinda get “awake… but I have begun Praying to Not have these “events” anymore Please, it helps tremendously, haven’t had one in months, I highly suggest and encourage it 🙂 God Bless and Keep You


Wikipedia (not the most legit source…) gives a fairly good scope on different ideas on sleep paralysis. Interestingly enough, most seem to agree that it’s along the lines of a spirit or demon sitting on top of the individual during sleep. As someone from the scientific perspective, science can explain things of this natural world, but it can explain only so much.
Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
I don’t know how non-believers get out of sleep paralysis, but when it happens to me, crying out to Jesus frees me from it.
There’s a lot of crazy supernatural things that happen in this world, but the Western society doesn’t see it because science is so heavily valued (and just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen). Check out “Finger of God” or “Furious Love” on youtube.


I struggled with this last night, and unfortunatly I did not remember Jesus. I did not remember I had a weapon which is stronger than anything else- and guess what, I could not wake up until I had tried so hard for so long. Now, I do not want to go to sleep again- I will stay up, pray and pray again.
I know the only reason God let this happen is to remind me that I SHOULD PRAY!
Bad things can only happen when you lack faith, and for a weak-minded christian, bad things WILL happen.
Always remember that our Lord Jesus Christ is by our side, all you need to do is call on him and he will help you.
Always remember that our father God wishes for nothing more than for us to come to him, He wants us to be with him, and have him in our lives!
God bless you, I know that everything will be alright.


Pray, pray, pray! Read the word of God and pray… I have similar experiences, and do not be deceived. Satan attacks when you’re growing in your relationship with Christ. It could be medical, but at this point in my life, I doubt it. My life has gotten way more complicated since I rededicated and I know Satan just wants me discouraged. you will be fine if took lean on the Lord…when we are weak, He is strong! I know how you feel, but God is amazing and will get you through! Much love and prayer your way 🙂


He there,
I had the same experience a week ago in my sleep. I ‘m a Christian and felt an evil presence. I couldn’t speak but shouted for Jesus help in my mind and kept praying and it went away in a matter of seconds.
When i told my wife the following day she told me she also felt a uncomfortable presence that night.
Accept the Lord Jesus in your hart, read the Word and pray every day. Succes and protection guaranteed.


I always get them when I sleep on my back but I do resort to the Serenity prayer and AA’s Surrender prayer both work since I dont know any major prayers since I dont practise.
I remember doing the deliverance prayer, the first line and I was actually scared. I was scared to what it was doing to me, followed by nightmares. Never again. I try to sleep on my side or stomach as much as possible to avoid this and it works. 🙂


No more sleep paralysis, always pray the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) before sleeping. A friend told me that’s why I don’t experience sleep paralysis anymore because the Lord’s prayer have direct effect on our chakra(energy centers). Sleep paralysis is caused by imbalance chakra.


You should read up or ask your fellow brothers and sisters about ‘spiritual warfare”. It teaches you binding prayers and so forth to help prepare yourself to fight against the enemy. Remember you have authority over these evil spirits, be firm and speak the name of Jesus. Wear the full armor of God and you will be fine.
You in a middle of a battle, you don’t have a sleeping disorder, that is just a medical term for all these demonic things that’s taking place to drift people away from the truth.
Meditate on God’s word, anoint yourself, your home and fast.
I’ll keep you in prayer.


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