A Challenge to every true christian practitioners? Take me on Try philosophical answers rather than theology?

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If we assume (may be it is) bible represents “Bible dude jesus” thoughts then
Bible has a clear disagreement with Karma (Law of action and reaction). What is the philosophical not theological reason for its disagreement?
While bible clearly contradicts “law of conservation of energy”, “Law of Karma” which advocates “rebirth” satisfies the Law. So, Does bible define “birth” as manifestation of energy separate from infinite source? If not what could that be? If death does not cause loss of energy call it a latent state, as the dead have to wait for resurrection, which would clearly mean energy is getting manifested from nothing. Contradicting the law of conservation of energy….
Theory of reincarnation suggests a transformation/change of energy states….. Agreeing with law of conservation of energy, and makes total sense…
If you cannot convince me then I shall proclaim “Bible Dude was ignorant of existing Philosophies”
Law of conservation of Energy: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
Mass & energy are inter convertable……

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secular philosophy is of the world and the Bible is from God> two different things>


i slept through philosophy class.


the Bible does not have miricles form nothing – ex nihilo
it is more true that the miricles are – ex deo
the sourse is an infitie God, not nothing else they would be sontaneous miracles
you do provide an excellent good argument against the Big Bang form nothing toward creation ex deo


Before you engage in philosophical debate, you might want to read Ayers’ “Language, Truth and Logic.”

Soleil Noir

Do your mommy and daddy know you’re using the computer all by yourself?


man ….. this will be good..
i like what you said. Profound like.
Keep it up.
if your theories are right.. then we are all ‘God’
Help me out here 100hertz give me a thumbs up. .. to help please my ego…. im drowning down here.


Try me on theological issues rather than Philosophical ones.
(This is the Religion section)

bonzo the tap dancing chimp

This is like, profound and like, heavy, I mean like it is kind of like wow with all sorts big words and like, philosophy and stuff. I mean like it is just so totally awesome. Like.


you are making something much more complicated then it really is


Satan comes up with a new one – hooray!


Colossians 2:8 – Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.


If you try to define God, you have lost it. God cannot be explained, or fully understood by mortal minds.
So, your though is, that God can’t do something without using the law of conservation of energy. You do understand that that law is a theory, not really a law. So, you have to believe in it, just like you have to believe in God, and his ability to resurrect who he sees fit.
Stop raking your brain, you aren’t going to figure this out. Go to school, get a degree and get a job.

david s

The bible doesn’t really touch on the subject to much. it states Adam came from the earth. Not how just from the earth. And once he was made God ‘breathed into him the breathe of life’ the will to live/a soul. IN later scriptures it says the Creator then collects our life force when it leaves are body. This could mean a bunch of things. What does the creator use our souls/life ENERGY for? Perhaps to reincarnate. Remember the Bible actually doesn’t mention hell that is a Catholic doctrine that has crossed over in to most Christian beliefs. So maybe we are taken and recycled and sent back to learn lessons we didn’t learn while alive on earth.


The Laws of Conservation of Matter and Energy preclude the existence of the Universe in the first place, as the Universe was created at some point. Moving from a state of no matter and no energy to a state in which the Universe exists is impossible according to these laws.


Philosophy holds nothing but cold formula to me. Cool if it works for you, but it doesn’t explain much of anything useful to my life, relationships, or happiness. It doesn’t explain answered prayers. It doesn’t explain my feeling of fulfillment.
Karma would lead one to believe that good people will have good things happening to them, we all know that’s not the way life works.


Conservation of energy speaks of the entire universe, even the parts we cannot see. If we accept the human soul as a form of energy, and therefore immortal/indestructible, what is wrong with the idea that the soul can survive as energy alone without inhabiting a creature made of matter.
While matter can be expressed as a form of energy (E=mcc), it is not inherent that energy must be in the form of matter. Your philosophy rings hollow to me, because by your own definition, any religion that considers the soul to be immortal is following conservation of energy.
I do not pretend to know the mind of God, nor do I pretend to know all the secrets of the universe. I do, however, believe that we have a gift of reason and are bound to keep expanding our knowledge of the physical laws. I find no conflict between science and my faith. After all, the much maligned Charles Darwin was simply trying to find some answers to explain God’s great creation, not to refute His existence.

Michael E

Well, either english isn’t you native language or you have some sort of ‘interpretation’ of it that I am unfamiliar with.
The Bible represents the Word of God. God’s Word. When God speaks, things are. No contradiction of any physical law because the spiritual realm does not depend on the physical, rather the opposite. Your mistake is to try to make God obey physical laws when He is a spirit being. But, hey, thanks for playing.

Rather N

You bring up a very interesting theory that could possibly be the topic of a rather lengthy discussion. However,your effort will prove fruitless if it is your intention to use reason against faith and expect philosophical responses from those taught from birth to cite chatechism.
In any case your “bible dude” was more than likely ignorant to laws of science created centuries after he died. It is obvious that christian beliefs are inconsistent with reality and in normal circumstances I would say let the morons be morons and don’t waste your time trying to give them an IQ. Unfortunately these christians have taken it upon themself to insert themselves and their stone age philosophies into politics and have begun to become quite annoying in their legislation of morality and crusade against reason. Therefore, I encourage to taunt away and look forward to the answers this question recieves… bravo

Big D

well,see, your logic is already flawed therefore the challenge is mute, you’ve already lost! perhaps you should read up on your opponents a little more before you challenge them! –the dead are not lying in their graves awaiting the resurection, the “energy”
or souls of the living leave the body at the time of death (transformation of energy) to reside eternally with the deity of it’s choice.(for one ultimately chooses either to reside with God or without him) whether you choose to believe in the truth or not….doesn’t change the fact that it is still the truth

Todd B

In a sense, the law of conservation of mass and energy is merely a “scientific” summary of Genesis 2:2, John 1:3, Hebrews 1:3 and Colossians 1:17.WITHOUT the BIBLE, there is no basis for the law of conservation of mass and energy!
But God can suspend this law since He created it. Possibly this is what happened when Jesus fed the 5,000. During the Creation Week, it is a good thing that God did create new material from nothing–otherwise we wouldn’t be here to discuss it! Incidentally, God’s creating something from nothing does not actually violate E=mc2 since this equation quantifies the amount of energy associated with a given amount of mass; it is not a restatement of the conservation of mass or energy. (Of course, God could suspend E=mc2 if He wanted to.)
(By the way, nuclear reactions do not actually destroy matter, but merely convert one element into another, such as the fusion of hydrogen into helium in the core of the sun. Mass and energy are conserved in such a reaction.)
So by your statement, you say that matter can neither be created nor desrtoyed, if that was true then how does science reconcile this during the creation of the universe. Looking at the scientific precept of Occam’s razor (also spelled Ockham’s razor), which means the simplist explanation is usually the right one, then what is easier to believe based on the the idea of the Law of Conservation of Energy (or Matter as some refer to it)? That at some point in existence out of nothing a big bang occured ultimately creating everything we know today including the the various scientific laws such as Energy and Time or that an Intelligent Creator, God, specifically designed the various laws creating order in the universe? By the mere definition of the Law of Conservation of Energy (Matter), I don’t see how you can reconcile something coming from nothing since as you state energy/matter cannot be created nor destroyed unless it was from a being that had teh capacity and power to do so.


God creates whatever he wishes out of nothing.
God makes the rules.
Philosophy dude is attempting to put God in a box.
Philosophy dude is the only one who will some day end up in a box, no matter what he thinks.


We believe that the “Bible Dude” is God who is omniscient and omnipotent.
Omniscient means He knows everything including existing philosophies.
Omnipotent means He is all powerful. He created everything including energy and can destroy it if He wills it.
Believing that your good or bad actions affect all those around you is basic Christian doctrine. And although sin may be forgiven by God, you will have to live with its affects for the rest of your life.
Other parts of Karma is not in tune with Christianity. The part that how you live in this life will affect future lives. Christians do not believe in reincarnation.
How we get to heaven is also out of step with Karma. Karma would say you have to be very very very good to deserve heaven. Christianity says no one can ever be that good.
Christians believe that it is only through the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ that we gain heaven not through any effort on our part. Although we are expected to live in faith, hope, and love.
With love in Christ.


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