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A case for telepathy?

I have often wondered if telepathy falls in the realm of the paranormal or science. Given that our thoughts are energy, and our brains both transmit and absorb energy (brain function is a mystery, but that is fact) Is it possible that telepathy is simply not as commonplace as say, verbal communication, because we haven’t developed the organic (nothing paranormal here) skills to absorb thought waves in a meaningful way?
Any thoughts?
Wow! This is really the wrong crowd to ask a question that requires some free thinking. Of course, there isn’t any scientific backing to telepathy, otherwise, my question would be moot.
Besides, ask any neuroscientist and he/she will tell you they haven’t even begun scratching the surface of understanding the brain. They have computers today that can “translate” thought , what could computers do tomorrow? We evolve just as technology evolves, all hail our opposable thumbs.
For those that sit around thinking nothing else, nothing more than what is presently available is possible, please return your Iphones and refuse any medical treatment involving stem cell research, and whatever you do, please please avoid thinking for yourselves. That is just nonsensical bologne.


  1. Telepathy falls into the realm of fiction. Whatever ‘energy’ is happening inside our skull it does not send a message to anything outside that domain.
    If we could absorb thought waves why would we have evolved to respond to verbal and visual signals as our primary ways of communicating which would be less effective than the one you propose?
    Anyway there’s no evidence for telepathy existing at all, so speculating about how it could work is pretty pointless.

  2. Telepathy falls more into the realm of fiction.
    You have demonstrated that you lack understanding of what energy is, neuroscience, waves, thinking in general.
    I suggest you start by picking up a physics textbook.

  3. We have machines that can detect all types energy including brain waves. The machines have to be super sensitive because the waves are so weak. So the sensors must be attached directly to the head to detect. All energy weakens with distance, that is a fact of physics. There is no machines that can detect brain waves at a distance, and the brain is not a sense organ. Also the brain work on chemical reactions not electric. Lots of things can can throw it out of whack. Injury, drugs, foods, to little or to much oxygen, and so on.
    There is a million dollars waiting for someone that can simply do what you claim possible. Wanting it to be true does not make it so.

  4. There’s no case at all for such a thing. No person has ever objectively proved its existence. Science understands the brain well, and it has no mechanism for telepathy to exist. Please study some real science instead of frauds’ nonsense.

  5. I would say that telepathy falls in the realm of science because there is actual scientific proof that our thoughts have altered the physical world. Before 9/11 machines meant to pick up when tragic events were due to occure by measuring the energy in the air, predicted that a world changing event would occur. Put it this way, there were experiments that took extremely ill patients and had them weighed before they were dead(weighed in a box that let nothing in nor out.) Once the patient died they lost about 1/3000th of an ounce in weight, proving that the human soul(thoughts) have weight(experiments over a lot of people not just one). Therefore, if our thoughts have weight than they must have gravity therefore giving thoughts the capability to alter the physical world. Now if u were to try to be telepathic(not happening) cause it would take many years to practice. To get the full power of our brains, the more thoughts the more powerful the energy. Hope i could help!!!

  6. the answer isn’t a machine, the electrical impulses detected by lie detectors and such are too weak to be picked up from elsewhere. I believe that if humankind needs telepathy, we would evolve to communicate like that. as we Communicate with speech, text, body ect. we don’t need telepathy.
    millions of years we might evolve to have telepathy, or we can just wait a hundred years for chips and antennas to be surgically put in our heads to send and receive thoughts via the internet

  7. Granted, thoughts “exist” as chemical energy in the brain and the brain happens to emit waves of energy of various kinds. BUT there is zero evidence that the meanings in our thoughts are emitted out of the head in any other form of energy (apart from the accepted forms like speech and facial expressions) no matter what heat or other radiation may be measured from human skulls. That is a HUGE leap of faith you are making…akin to saying that, because ear wax comes out of our ears, it must somehow contain music that other people can hear by smelling the ear wax! (That is no joke, the analogy is a good one I think.)
    You would have to prove that there is retrievable information in the emanations from the skull before telepathy is taken seriously…and even then, there is a lot work to do. You have to show that people can actually understand the information.
    The detailed workings of the brain and the meaning of consciousness, etc. may not be entirely understood by science, especially if you are not an expert, but that doesn’t mean the workings of the brain are a mystery. Of course scietists say that: They have to get funding to continue their research. If you and I knew and understood what experts in the field know, we would be amazed at how much “we” know. Ignorance is not mystery.


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