Answer for kali worship is great but dangerous also.warning?

    Hello All; in August of 2017 I heard the call to shamanize, and I accepted it by enrolling on a shamanic medicine workshop due to commence February of 2018. In January of 2018 while on my bed, I were nearing sleep, though I were still conscious, when my inner-ears heard and delivered the ‘sceptre of Kali’. Three days into the shamanic medicine workshop, I receive a Healing from a shaman within the dreaming wheel, that I am ‘red belly black snake’ totem, and so it were an initiation into my own snake medicine; but it were more than that; prior to entering the circle, the Spirit spoke through the shamans voice and says ‘I have been waiting for someone like you!’. This was not of any great substance so I put it aside. Approximately 6 months ago, Kali visits me in my dream, and she appears right in front of me, I am focused on her face; a lighter shade of dark-blue, strong facial features, very mission focused and straight-to-the-point, she asks me if I am ready to receive, and I promptly said yes, and with no clue as to what I were receiving, and she unloaded her message to me in a matter of seconds, however I did not understand any of it as it were spoken too fast, not as like a different language, but likely due to a difficult connection, and so her message was too high a resonance for my translating; at the end of her lightning fast message, she could see I was not integrating her words so she cast out a word in English to finish off, it was the name of a Mycenae King; She also cautions me briefly of the Cabal; After medicine course back in Feb 2018, I left still ‘activated’ and for two weeks held the Earths atmosphere like a ‘radio’ to my ear, and perceived the Pantheon of Light; they whom of tough-Love and they so Divine, could feel and sense they in the Sky; in a hotel now, I focus on my activated senses and work myself into a trance, I begin my ritual dance, new dances this time, at the same time ancient languages come through, ‘Ra’cha Hu’ma’ ha!’ (the translation of this was ‘these are words of frustration!’) also chants came through strong as I danced on an imaginary circle ‘Fida Fin!’ ‘Fida Fin!’ and it means ‘praise the gods!’ I have only realised now, several months later these were messages for Humanity, and not just for me. Integration has been slow, and Spirit have been utterly and necessarily brutal to wake me into Service; and so it seems very true indeed; Kali is here to judge us all, though I do not feel malice from her, I only feel Love, and often with a punch lol, but I will say Gaia is safe, and that your actions NOW will determine also whether you are safe or not /blessings to Humanity, she Loves you all… she is pleading you all to do more healing, the lands and ancestors, seas and rivers and trees… please!

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