Answer for kali worship is great but dangerous also.warning?

    Dear friend do not fear,pray to the one true god and your saviour Jesus christ who is the truth and the way the light which leads you back to the source.he who came to the lower heavens to show you the way back to the higher heaven.He is love, he is life not death….Be at peace and ignore any fools who laugh at your fear for they are in themselves deceived by the demons of illusion…God brought me to this site for a reason to lead you to that perfect light….So be at peace it is only through false doctrines that you are then held in fear….Only false gods have power over you to hold you in such fear….Kali does not exist in my life nor do i fear the fake or illusionary lie…..The true god delivered his people out of bondage of mind, body and spirit….Find peace within your heart and know that god is with you….Fear not rebirth for it is also fake and an illusion…You are not locked in the cycles of birth and death because jesus broke them lies….Ravinder be at peace..God is with you…raphael,michael,uriel,gabriel,omitron….Free you from the bonds…

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