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    I have nothing against these boards personally, but if they wish to communicate with god, or the essence within ourselves which is part of god, as given to us by god, then you should consider reading the ‘conversations with god’ books written by Neale Donald Walsch. They are very inspiring and they changed my life for the better. Although I do not see myself as religious, more spiritual (there is a difference), it has affected me possitively and it can do so for others, whether you are religious/spiritual or athiest. These books are for everybody. I highly recommend them.

    Ouija Boards are just a tool, like any other tool. It can be used possitively or negatively, depending on what state of mind the user is in at the time. If you use them with any negative emotions, whether subconscience or not, then these can arrise with the use of it. And as most of us have negative feelings of one form or another, it is not recommended. The best way to communicate with god is to look at the possitive within the soul and use that as a tool, this is the closest to god you can get while here on earth, and this is where the magic happens. We will be one with maker once we die and all our answers will be answered then, but in the mean time – look within and use the tools within.
    Meditation helps do this, but this is again only a tool, and that is important to remember, they are all tools so do not worship or give yourself totally to these means, just use them for your benefit. This goes for anything that works, as long as it is bringing out the best of yourself and others and not the negative, as the negative will draw you away from your true self (god) and not towards.
    My rule is use whatever works really, but ouija boards are probably not the right method.

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