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    I haven’t read the book, but am familiar with the author. She was well respected as a psychiatric counselor at a number of women’s mental health facilities at one time. But she is something of a joke now.

    Whatever happened to her, and for whatever reasons, I think she lost her bearings. She was exposed to a traumatic event and afterwards she started talking to the dead, creating certified ‘mediumship’ courses and magic oracle cards– the whole fluffy new age publishing business got hold of her and will probably never let go. Not to imply she may not still be a wonderful person, but she knows nothing of chakras–she seems to invent stuff as she goes–so you will find little that is based on anything other than her private speculations of angels, indigo children, crystals.

    I lost another smart, kind friend to the whole New Age racket; they turned her into a ‘channeller’. Essentially, Angel Therapy is a new age version of the 700 Club.