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    We all have spirit and spiritual guides….spiritual guides can be a person that helps and gives you answers, teach or guides you.
    Spirit guides usually is a spirit someone you once new in a past life. You guide has always been with you, that’s the reason why you can’t feel your guides presence like other spirits, because your use to it.
    Your spirit guide may have more than one name if they lived more than one life. You can name or change your guides name if you like, it don’t seem to bother them. I ask my guide when she came that very question, she answered me in a whisper “Erica” If they give you their name, it would be the name in the past life time that you new your guide.
    I don’t truly know anything much about the animal thing, just that for me it perhaps would be the eagle and or bear.
    My spirit guide is a woman, this I know since I have seen her so many times in three years, she speaks out loud, whispers, gives me dreams. She first came to me or was sent from God since I prayed to him. Spirit guide are concern to do with your spirit-soul. Erica always came to me when my spirit felt hurt. Usually they hint in some way at first, inorder not to scare you. But with me, she knew I was sensitive. Especially when I was asleep, when she would come near, I would reach out because my third eye sometimes would open, and I were able to see her that way too.
    So the best thing to do is make contact with your guide first, and when you’re sure that your guide is there, ask for your guides name. She came either when I prayed, or at times I were able to call her in, or when your spirit feels wounded.

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