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8th harry potter idea?

Would this outline work as the basis for an 8th harry potter book?
Book 8: Harry Potter and the Treasures of the Founders
Harry Potter has a dream whick tells him that he was destined to be the true master of death, and the he could read the book that sears the reader’s eyes if he posessed all 3 of the deathly hallows. Harry potter then follows his destiny, and reclaims the Elder Wand, and the Resurrection Stone, and opens the mysterious eye searing book. Within the book he finds that it isn’t a book after all, instead it is a box containing a series of scrolls created by the founders. One explaining 7 magical treasures created when the founders of hogwarts bound the Dark Master in human form. After the defeat of the dark master the 7 founders, 3 of which the names were lost to history were given each one desire. Helga Huffelpuff said “give me a means of traveling through time so that i could see the future, and visit my ancestors” The dark master gave her the time turner. Rowenda Ravenclaw said “give me a crystal that held the light of a star” the dark master then gave her the Star Glass. Godric Gryffindor wanted a sword that claimed the powers of those it defeated, and the dark master created Godric Gryffindor’s Sword. Salazar Slytherin desired a hat that could see the innermost secrets of the mind, and protect against dementors, and the Dark Master created the Sorting Hat. The 3 lost founders were wiser with their desires, and Molly Mermadorin wished for a mirror that could grant any desire, so she could get asd many desires as she wanted. Meanwhile Tia Tiranin wanted a wand that could match the spell of any other wand, and thus recieved the Self-Spelling Wand. The eldest and wisest of the 7, David Draconis figured a wish that could cause the dark master to lose his own powers. He wished for a ring that could allow its bearer to dominate the wills of others, and be unbeatable in contest, and be “all powerful”. The dark master then reluctantly gave up his own ring of power to David Draconis, who used it to bind the dark master in human form, and prophesized a “master of death” who would defeat the dark master in the year 2010. After reading this, harry potter proceded to tell the headmaster about this discovery. Harry Potter was then given Godric Gryffindors sword by the headmaster, and he was also allowed to “borrow” the sorting hat for his quest. He asked the headmaster about hermione’s time turner, and the headmaster showed the time turner to him, and it matched the markings on the scroll. That was the only “true” time turner, and allowed time travel infinitely forward and back, whereas other time turners allowed travel within a day. Harry Potter was allowed to keep this time turner, as it may serve him in his quest. Harry Potter then went into the Ravenclaw house, by casting a confundus charm with the elder wand on the door that usually allowed only ravenclaws to pass, and he took the star glass from within the ravenclaw house. Finally he entered the lost catacombs deep beneath hogwarts and found the Mirror of Destiny, and the Self-Spelling Wand after wandering for days. Finally in another chamber was the niche that once housed the ring of power. Harry Potter was then attacked by a legion of dementors, but they had no power over him as he was wearing the sorting hat. Harry potter was then disarmed of the elder wand, and was being oppressed by dementors. He immediately used the resurrection stone and called forth the spirits of the founders, and he held up the star glass and the dementors were vanquished, however the elder wand was nullified as its mastry transfered from a dementor to the founders who were dead. He saw numbers on the wall revealing a particular time, and he want to that time with the time turner and claimed the 7th treasure, the Ring of Power. Harry Potter then used the ring to dominate the elder wand, and bound its powers to the ring. He then cast a killing curse striong enough to destroy the dark master, and he then used his new found powers to pass all class in his 7th and 8th years with perfect scores, and at his graduation he was inagurated as headmaster, and crowned Lord of Wizards. Harry Potter decided to make all 3 deathly hallows family heirlooms, but he decided to make only 6 of thre treasures of the founders heirlooms, and he decided that the sorting hat belonged to the wizards of hogwarts more so than it did to him. He also passed on the maurader’s map, and he lived to the remarkable age of 1000, before he finally died peacefuly.


  1. wow that was extremely well elaborated. Kudos to you; I’m really sorry to say, but JK Rowling has finished the series pretty freaking well enough already and that would probably make it all the more confusing. It was still really great though. Be proud, you could go places with that imagination.

  2. First of all, I couldn’t read that because there were no paragraphs. Second, an 8th Harry Potter book would be like the 2, 3, and 4th Twilight book, waay overdone. Had the 7th book ended differently, maybe it would work, but the way Rowling ended it made it pretty clear there won’t be another one, it was a pretty fit ending.


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