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5 Reasons there actually is any god? ?

I’m atheist and i would have to say prove to me that your god exists. what religion are you? do you know everything about your religion? i bet if you can tell me your religion i can give you 5 reasons your religion isn’t even fathomable. Christians for example… are the 10 commandments contradictory? i mean most of them say that these are the sins of man and do not commit them or you shall be punished. YET i will forgive you your sins as long as you “try” give me a break so as long as i try and sin all the time i will be forgiven hmm punished with forgiveness? (i don’t think so) Jehovah witness- wow just wow to that religion sit down and actually read what your religion is… someone from Britain or where ever that came over seas and came up with his own “version” of “the truth” and now the watchtower in ny tells you what you should believe or not open your eyes that religion causes more grief than it does enlightening moments. buddhism, shamanism, islamic, jew, all of these are just exaggerated tales over time because people need to have something to believe because there is something that they can’t explain YET. i feel religion is for the narrow-minded that just use it to explain something that people cannot yet comprehend.


  1. Wow what a really weak argument for Christianity. Now I have complete faith that you are ignorant and have absolutely no idea what you are dribbling there. The law in the old testament was given so that we might know what law is. The forgiveness was given through Jesus so that we might have forgiveness for what is inevitable in human nature. If your going to try to make a point at least try to know what your talking about first so you don’t look like an ass..

  2. Why do these Christian Miracles occur so frequently.
    My sources are of course biased. No atheist would ever promote these miracles on a site, otherwise they would be believers.
    Incorrupt/saints bodies.
    When a really devoted Christian dies.
    It is assumed they skip Judgement day and ascend straight to heaven.
    The sign of this is that their dead body will not decompose.
    Not in the way the Pharaohs bodies preserved.
    The Saints bodies, flesh is unchanged from the time of their death.
    Their bodies are still warm.
    They still have blood inside their body.
    They have a beautiful aroma.
    It’s as if they are sleeping, if you ever go to see them. (Yes, they are displayed at churches around the world)
    Only scientific explanation-When berried after death. Their coffin had no oxygen which will not allow bacteria to survive and eat away of them.
    However, after the discovery of them, they are displayed at monasteries or churches, where oxygen gets to them. STILL no decomposing a single bit.
    Even some of them are 1800 years old.
    Only Scientific explanation around now. Maybe its just something that happen to 1 in 10 million people.
    Well it ONLY happens to devoted Christians. 250 found so far.
    So the probability of that is 1 in 10,000,000^250
    This is why some people are called Saints. Because this has occurred to their dead bodies. No other religion claims to have this happen to them.
    Holy light
    In Jesus tomb, in Jerusalem.
    When the Orthodox Christian priest performs the Easter service.
    He enter the tomb, after being search by Jews, (by the Turks, during the Ottoman Empire reign)
    The with a candle enters.
    Flashes of light occur inside the church, and candles light up in front of people’s eyes, and the priest exists the tomb with a flame created out of nothing.
    The real miracle of this is that the flame, does not burn for the first 33 minutes.
    You can literal keep your hand under the flame and it won’t burn.
    After 33 minutes the flames can burn you.
    This miraculous tradition began 900 years ago and has never been busted.
    Even during the Ottoman Empires rule, and tried to put obstacles to prevent the miracle, it still occurred.
    Thus allowed many Turks to convert to Christians after witnessing such a miracle.
    Weeping statues and Icons.
    Icons and statues weeping or bleeding. Without tubes or anything to make them do it. They have nice aromas and some carry great healing power.
    Many with chronic pains, have testified to have been healed by the liquids poured.
    Well you obviously know about them.
    Anyway, I know witnesses of exorcisms performed.
    As you know the demon is frightened to leave the body and curses the priest.
    The human may have a closed mouth and you still here the demon cursing, when inside the body.
    Too hard to witness an exorcism, unless you go with someone you know who needs one. YouTube have some.
    The prophets
    Seriously, atheists back then like the ones here now, would only convert unless someone performed a miracle right in front of them.
    Same goes for the witnesses back then.
    People back then were just as smart in thinking whether something was true or not as we are now. Ancient Greeks (2500 years ago, have been scientifically proven smarter than the average western human)
    So don’t you think the apostles who gave up their lives and were tortured for their beliefs did that for nothing? NO! They saw the miracles and never denied God, even under torture.
    That should be enough for us to believe alone, like most Christian do.
    Places with high miracle activity and relics- Mt. Athos Greece.
    Some Monks receive gifts from God (able to know everything about you before you say a word), and other miracles built within the monasteries are there.
    Sources- Friends who have visited it. No websites available on this great region. Very big tourist attraction for pilgrims.

  3. 1. what Punishment will give to Hitler and likes of him if you capture him (HYPOthesis)…. If you kill him only one live what about other million lives…….. he took…
    2. If a rapist rapes a women..and escapes even the trial and is plead not guilty ,saved by giving false testimony… .. Who will get her Justice..>??? God..
    3.. Big Bang Theory is mentioned in Quran 1400 yrs.. who could have mentioned it in Quran 1400 yrs… ago ? God
    4.There are several scientifi facts in Quran.. which were mentioned before scientific discoveries.. ? who wrote them in Quran 1400yrs.. God
    5. Prophet Mohammed PBUH didnt knew how to write..??How can he make statements(Hadiths and Quran).. like these in Deserts of Arabia.. ??Nobody Guided Him But God…..
    6. Quran is confirmation..of Torah and GOspel… which is mentioned both of them..

  4. 1) there alwas is creator or manufacturer for everything. For glasses its Versace. For humans our creator is God. One and only God.
    2) Ask me by email cuz i know many will delete my answer
    3)Ask me by email cuz i know many will delete my answer
    4)Ask me by email cuz i know many will delete my answer
    5)Ask me by email cuz i know many will delete my answer

  5. Atheist, the failure to comprehend our existence lets us know there is a higher power out there. We do not exist by accident. Time moves in cycles just like planets go around the stars all according to a given plan.
    We can all speculate but myself am a christian just in case I realize that there really is heaven after death and I’m not welcome in forever.

  6. I have to address your referral to the 10 commandments. In any legal system there are pre-written laws and prescribed, mandatory punishments for breaking those laws. It is well understood in any legal system that the demands of justice can not go unmet.
    Once a crime is committed, a law broken, there is no escape from the demands of justice. The kindest judge in the world has no choice by virtue of his position to sentence according to the level of justice demanded. No matter how much good a person does after a crime is committed the demands still must be met, “You do the crime, you do the time” as the old saying goes.
    God’s laws were given and everyone has broken them. The demands of justice cannot go unmet, but unlike an earthly judge, the Holy Judge of all the earth took those demands upon Himself. No one is ever found not guilty. Trying will get you nowhere. Availing yourself of the provision made for you to escape the punishment for your own law-breaking will get you somewhere.

  7. Religion will probably send you to hell, But faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will save you. Jesus died on the cross for atonement of our sin
    The sin is forgiven when you ask the lord to come in to your heart but that does not mean you should go out and sin again.
    If you live by god’s law and you die you have ever lasting life with him
    and if you die and there is no heaven or hell what have you lost nothing
    but if there is a heaven and hell and you have not received the Lord Jesus as your personal savior YOU HAVE LOST ALL.

  8. Wow what an arrogant plug for Athiesm…your post made no sense. Instead of a drunk-dial, was this a “drunk-post?”. Your blatantly “I know everything” remarks reek of arrogance disguised as “logic” and “science”. You’re not proving the concept of “God” wrong, you’re questioning the aspects of organized religion…..get that straight before boasting and jumping on a high horse.
    No, I’m not Christian, I’m spiritual but not religious. I follow no organized Dogma and respect the beliefs of others….yes I even respect Athiesm. But, if anyone from any belief acts like a jerk, respect for that person goes by the wayside….but it doesn’t mean I’ve lost respect for their belief.
    Why is it that the only people that are so hot to trot on athiesm, are on the *Internet* spouting off on youtube, twitter, facebook and forums? Something to prove? Looking for others to validate that there’s no God? Wow. I know some athiests and they don’t go trolling metaphysical forums. It was human nature since times of early humans, to be “wired” to feel “awe”….a sense of “Woooow”. Of course early humans used spirituality to put themselves in a pecking order, of sorts, with phenomena they couldn’t explain, and it looks like it gets lost nowadays when our puny little brains get happy and overconfident with our ability to use science and logic to explain away and disprove God……for some Athiests I’ve met, I know in somepart of their brain they have a sense of boastfulness and want to say “Ha! told you so, miracles can be explained…see? Ha! I’M GOD”. Does is make make these people feel so big that they think they can disprove billions of believers in some type of God concept? Get off your high horse, for pete’s sake.


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