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2day, for 5mins., I was at peace with the world, nothing bothered me, have u every felt enlightened?

I didn’t care that men made more money or I have none! War and murder wasn’t a problem I could solve so why care! Even if I never did any thing I was ok because I realised only love mattered!
Then I lost it again, if happiness is just being happy with ur life and what u have then why can’t we feel like that always, why does ambition and envy come to ruin happiness? How do I get back my peace?


  1. turn of the computer, Take a bottle of water and sit alone in the dark in your basement for the rest of your life. As short as it may be.
    That or you can live life like floating down a river. Just go with the flow. Be nice to every one and practise a random act of kindness every now and again. Judge no one for who are we to judge. And most of all. Stop whining

  2. If your experience was extraordinary and accompanied by a supreme, unexplained joy, then you probably had a connection with a higher realm other than the one we daily live in. The ones I’ve had over a lifetime came to me of their own. I found out that as hard as I tried, it was not up to me to get these wonderful experiences. I see them now as a loving higher existence briefly showing itself to me so that I could just know, deep within myself that that higher reality exists, and when I’m more ready, the secret of entering in on my own will be revealed. Some of it already has, but it’s so personal one can’t really explain it. It has to be experienced. Those who have had them will understand. And that’s all that matters. Consider yourself blessed and remember your experience gently and lovingly without making demands for it again. It’s just the beginning of entering into eternal love. That’s my take on it. Just follow your intuition to be tuned into good, and it will come on its own.

  3. i don’t think anyone can ever be truly happy, just very content and acceptive, or they could be searching for a way to escape from their insanity. people that claim they are truly happy have bigger issues to face than people who admit to their depression or stress.

  4. Yes, I have felt enlightened, and it feels absolutely wonderful. Sometimes, it is rather hard to keep this peace. This is when I turn to the only one who can help me; God. God is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He gives me peace that passes all understanding, and all I have to do is accept Him as my Savior. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, my constant companion, my confidant, and my everthing. I wish everyone would just give Christianity a try. Then they would find out Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God. He loves you beyond anything you can imagine, and He wants you to have peace and enlightenment and joy. After all, He wouldn’t send his only born son to die for us if He didn’t.

  5. Sometimes I do get that feeling, but I wouldn’t call it enlightenment. Being at peace is not the realisation that you can’t help anything and therefore do not feel worried by other people’s suffering. That is closer to apathy that enlightenment. Or being too stoned to give a damn.
    I am not accusing you of selfishness, but that attitude is itself rather selffish, to wish to return to your private world where other very real problems don’t bother you.


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