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27 weeks pregnant, seems like forever :(?

i feel like i have been pregnant for years lol i found out i was pregnant when i was only 3 weeks and its going in so slow its driving me crazy. ive tried to pass time by getting a tantra pregnancy yoga DVD which i do everyday and going to aquanatal once a week but i just wish it would hurry up 🙁 any advise?


  1. I’m 7 weeks behind you and found out when I was 3 weeks, also. It’s actually been going pretty quick for me (so far) but I just know it’s getting ready to slow down now that I’ve hit the 20 week mark lol.. ugh.
    No advice for how to make it go by faster :/ I wish I knew!

  2. I have no advice, as I am in the same boat. =/ I’m 28 weeks and the weeks just drag on and on it seems like. The first 24 weeks of my pregnancy flew by but now it’s starting to suck. I don’t sleep very well so I’m always tired, I just keep getting bigger and bigger and I’m always short of breath. I just keep telling myself, only 12 more weeks!

  3. That happened with me on my first pregnancy, I thought it was taking TOO LONG. Especially when my baby shower came along, I just wanted to see my baby! But there was nothing I could do. At the time money was tight so I was working all the time. But now that I think about it (my baby is one years old!) I miss it so much, an I’m TTC again. I wanted to speed my pregnancy up so much that I didn’t actually get to enjoy being pregnant. Just go with the flow, enjoy looking and feeling pregnant, talk to your baby.. In a few weeks you’ll be able -if not already- to keep your hand on your belly and feel every time he/she moves, it’s the best feeling. Congrats!

  4. thats how i feel and i found out i was pregnant 11dpo but everyone says when you reach 5 months then it should speed up until the final weeks which then apparently feels like a life time. i think the sooner you find out your pregnant the the longer the pregnancy lasts as you have to go through the whole 9 months pregnant where some woman can find out at 4 months and the pregnancy will seem shorter.

  5. i am in the same boat. this morning i got up and i was like GOD this is soooo slow. i cant sleep, cant walk fast, cant run, lazy all day.

  6. That’s the joy of being in the week 20s. I was so bored with being pregnant and just felt like it could go on forever as well when I was between 24 and 30 weeks. The joy of being 30 weeks was exciting and wonderful because I knew I could count down the weeks on my hands. Time passes quicker from 30 to 36 since you’ll be going every two weeks … looking forward to doctor appointments got me through the days/weeks that seemed to drag on. Now that I am 37 weeks, I am so ready for this to be done. I do wish to go back to where you are because I was comfortable, I slept during the night, and I wasn’t wondering if every little pain or movement was something major.
    The weeks will pass and soon you’ll be where I am at … just be patient and wait.

  7. I feel ya. I am 26 weeks and it really does feel like I have been pregnant forever! I cant believe I still have 14 weeks to go! I know I should enjoy it and try to appreciate every moment, but it is really hard. You are uncomfortable and anxious. And now I have been getting headaches every day, so I am not really enjoying it. The only thing that really gets me through is when she starts kicking and moving around and feeling that will help me keep positive for a little while again.

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