I was wondering what you guys think of this.. read this first.
*For all of you that may want to say something along the lines of how the sun will experience a greater solar flare than in the history of man… of course, it is only common sense that the sun is unpredictable and may destroy us at any moment… so why now? Put it this way… if Doomsday were predicted to have been 2020 rather than 2012, do you not think that scientists would have been able to find a million possible disasters that would have occurred on that SPECIFIC date? Basically, planet Earth is faced with an infinite amount of possible disasters, and scientists are looking for ones that occur at that special date. It could have been any day really… do you have any idea how many near-miss asteroid collisions we avoid EACH DAY?
I am not an unbeliever…. so please tell me this…
1) Do you believe anything will happen December of 2012? If not WHY? If so… again why?
2).Why do you believe that the date was SO specific… don’t say the IChing and Mayan Calender are inaccurate because they may be by OUR standards… but why so specific?
3). The “prophesy” was “the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT”, so in your opinion, is this DEATH per se, or spiritual enlightenment without physical death?
*Every year, we face the sun’s unpredictability as well as the fact that we are over due for a pole shift and other natural destructive cycles our planet goes through, so why is 2012 so special in terms of THIS?
I believe that something big will happen 2012, but I do not believe we will all die, I believe it will be a period of spiritual evolution or enlightenment of a sort… but what do you think.
If you want to say simply “it will not happen”, than don’t answer… unless you can back up WHY you believe nothing will happen… I do, but what about you?


  • You are looking for a lot of answers for just 10 points (!), but basically, yes it is a special time for there is an astrological and astronomical alignment in the heavens which signals the end of several enormous cycles of time and, at such occasions, change happens..

    As you say, the famous phrase is *The End of the World As we Know It*, and the world we know is controlled by dark forces, and has been for a very long time, and THAT is now coming to an end, enabling a new Golden age, NOT armageddon, to begin in 2012, following the Decree issued by the Godhead to that effect…

    It is not just a *happening*, it is a whole process of change leading up to that final *trigger* time, and is the reason why, currently, WE are changing, becoming more awakened, sensitive and aware, our planet is changing and beginning to cleanse and change her surface, our weather is changing, yes, global warming is occurring BUT it is NOT just because we humans are releasing CO2, but due to our sun and Earth*s core warming up which, in turn, are heating the oceans and thus changing the weather patterns..Eventually it will all settle down, but currently as these changes only began in 1987 and will be completed in 2012, we are in the midst of them and things are swaying about in extremes..Our weather is MEANT to be warming up for in 2012, we begin a new Golden Age and NOT armageddon, which will include a warm temperate worldwide temperature, which is why currently the icecaps are melting..

    There is a MUCH bigger picture behind this and many other things than our secret government (and religion) tell us about, but not for much longer, for the energies around Earth are now ensuring that NOTHING which has been hidden can remain so any longer, as the Catholic Church is discovering to it*s cost, the UK government with it*s expenses scandal too, with MUCH more to come in the coming times!..

    Soon also we will finally be told the truth about ET*s, which have ALWAYS been in contact with Earth, have, for many decades, had regular contact with governments and, yes, are currently on Earth in human form, for about half of the known ET species in the universe are recognizably humanoid, and to realize they are different one would have to look deeply into their eyes!..Those currently on and around Earth are here to protect and assist us against the endeavours of our own secret government whose intentions towards us are not and have never been *honourable*, to put is very politely, again another truth that is soon to be revealed!

    Finally, as far as death is concerned, again something we will be told about officially before too long, we are NOT the 3D physical body we see in our mirror each day, but the 5D spiritual Being within, our consciousness, which animates that body and which has lived MANY times before and NEVER dies!..Also, we did NOT evolve from apes but were created using the DNA from six different successful species and so can truly claim to be NOT grovelling sinners as religion would have us believe, but VERY special, creme de la creme and, yes, *made in the image of God*!

    As I say, SO much has been hidden from us,but not for much longer!..Hang onto your hat!

  • i don’t think its real just because they said that the mayan calendar stopped in 2012 it doesn’t mean that it’s the end… besides are the mayans Gowning Write the whole entire yrs or decades…??
    i guess only God knows…
    but i don’t believe that it will happen in 2012.

  • The biggest thing that will happen in 2012 is the next presidential election in the United States. And from that we will get 4 more years of the same nonsense from the current guy or some new guy-nothing will change.

  • The movie I really liked, but unrealistic.

    I do not think the world is going to blow up and we’re all going to die December of 2012. I don’t think it’s going to be any apocalyptic event. Why? Because if you read Matthew 24:35-36 NASB version states “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”

    Your second question I can’t answer, I don’t know why exactly that date WAS so specific other then obviously something to do with the intricate workings of their calendar, even if the date is wrong. People claim to know when the end of the world is coming all the time and I’m fairly certain many of them had a very specific date. Maybe if they were as old as the Mayan culture and had some logical analytical system, we wouldn’t call them crazy like we tend to do these days.

    As far as the “as we know it” bit, I would view it like a Death tarot card almost. The death card is not DEATH death, but symbolizes a change, something ending and something else beginning or a new path. You know, the Mayans could have been right, maybe something WILL happen December 2012, but I’m positive it won’t be the end of the world. Some could argue 9/11 changed American as we knew it, but it wasn’t the end of the world.

  • I think it could end soon, in the next 50 years but not necessarily in 2012. I mean look at all the earthquakes and the volcanoes and the floods. It seems like the world is crumbling at our feet.

  • The only thing that is going to happen in 2012 is panic! No one knows when the world will end. I blame that stupid movie for scaring people.

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