2012 – Something has to happen?

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Wether you believe that there will be a pole shifting, a deadly comet, earthquakes, WW3, Nuclear weapons, or just a spiritual transformation(im rooting for this one) can we all agree that something significant will happen on 12.21.12?

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yeah the sun will pass through the mouth of the ouroboros!!! something WILL Happen!
The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros. Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near Sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail. The Milky Way galaxy keeps a great time cycle that ends in catastrophic change. The sign of the Suntelia Aion is the sun rising out of the mouth of the ouroboros, which will occur on the solstice December 2012 – which links with the Mayan Calendar as a symbolic date for the clse our our reality – virtual reality program – Quetzalcoatl – and escalating Earth changes in the Ring of Fire.
to answer the ignorant yutz below: some of us want the end of this earth age to end murder, rape, starvation, death and disease. why do ignorant people like YOU want to preserve the flesh and the corruption and filth that accompanies it????!!!!

Laptop Jesus, Marilyn Style

Nope. I think the Mayans got a lot of things right (calendars) and a lot of things wrong (human sacrifice).
What is it about humans that makes them lust for the end of the world as we know it?


yes … most likely there will be nutcases doing their thing like for the y2k bug .. but other than that it will be business as usual …

oxyman Re-Loaded

only the olympic games


Yeah, the end of the Mayan calendar. Unless of course you know something we don’t… be advised that knock at your door, in the near future, will likely be the FBI.


Sure, just like how something significant was “supposed” to happen in 2000, or on 6/6/06, or 7/7/07.

hadit l

yes the olympic games are coming to London!!! but to be honest something significant happens every year somewhere in the world


I do think your gonna get to many people agreeing with this. I think the idea is kind of logical, but I know very very little about it. I’d put my money on nothing, but if I had to pick. It would be an environmental collapse of some kind.
I wonder if the Halle-Bop people were right?


No. Why do you think something’s going to happen?


something happens everyday to someone. if someone gets married on 12-21-12 it will be significant to them, if someone has a baby on 12-21-12 it will also be significant to them…
who knows maybe something significant to me will happen on 12-21-12


Isn’t it the Mayan’s who came up with this date?
I’ve been wanting and waiting for something to happen for the last twenty years – dates predicted by Nostradamus – the Millenium and so on. Whilst I try to live every day as it comes, some sort of proof as to extra terrestrial life would be better than a natural disaster.


yup , I will have no more debt!


I pray that if something do happens it will be something good and not bad on 12-21-12.

Kenshin Himura

You are superstitious that’s all.


the Mayan calender finishes


I’m sure someone’s pole will be shifting…






Nothing will happen except the Winter Solstice. Some people will cite a possible two day error and nothing will happen on 12.23.12, either. Thank you for playing though.




Yup… Something extremely big like this:
DISCOVERY-THEORY OF NOVEMBER 30th 2006: Considered here as more theory than discovery for the fact that we all have yet to see the outcome. The real reason for the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012? We have come
out of the smaller galaxy that the Milky Way has put the ‘come hither’ on. We are just now coming in even with and
are apparently “going to actually turn and join” with the spinning whirlpool Milky Way disc after some 2 billion years
of circling around it at a near right angle — as part of our parent galaxy called the Sagittarius Dwarf.
This “grand turning” is possibly the root cause for the discontinuation of the Mayan calendar ( considered by many researchers to be the most accurate calendar on the planet — requiring no ‘leap years’ to stay on track ) because the
‘read-point’ of the Pleiades star cluster from Earth which many believe the calendar was based upon could no longer
be an accurate reference and constant, as we begin to steer away from the earlier chart-ably predictable movement.
This third theory-discovery may fully give 2012 ancient prophesy issues a somewhat different perspective and footing.

New direction

…metro…I think something can happen today if people work for something other than money…but the 2012 idea?
…don’t think so…
…I hope your right though…I hope some spiritual transformation occurs that’s good.


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