Home Discussion Forum 2012 is a great time of world transformation are you ready?

2012 is a great time of world transformation are you ready?

Many astrologers have written that the planetary alignment on that date will be very bad for those who are egotistic, hateful, materialistic, judgmental, caught up in greed, and mean spirited. It is not to late to change your life around you can become spiritual today. Awaken your chakras and awaken yourself you could be in a beautiful journey of transcendental wonder or you could be in the darkness and be judged which path do you choose.
Lord Enki Show them the way so that they may not die like the sons of Adam but shall have life everlasting.


  1. The astrologers say that, then it must be true!!!
    We’re doomed then!!! DOOOOMED!!!! (give me all your money) DOOOOOOOMED!!!

  2. Is this an advertisement? Because it sure isn’t a valid question. And while we’re discussing it, please tell us all about a year in which there was no world transformation of any kind.

  3. Adam, Enki, Astrologers, Chakra.. WHAT FREAKIN’ RELIGION ARE YOU IN
    Ok, look, the Mayans stated that the calendar would start again on 2010, nothing else. Astrology is fake, you can’t tell anything by the positions of the stars and whatnot, read your horoscope and see if it comes true, and if you really are religious, stick to one religion man..

  4. Hahaha.. astrology is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of.. They expect us to believe in the weirdest things without any proof to back it up.


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