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2012 is a great time of world transformation and unity are you ready?

Many astrologers have written that the planetary alignment on that date will be very bad for those who are egotistic, hateful, materialistic, judgmental, caught up in greed, and mean spirited. It is not to late to change your life around you can become spiritual today. Awaken your chakras and awaken yourself you could be in a beautiful journey of transcendental wonder or you could be in the darkness and be judged which path do you choose.
Lord Enki Show them the way so that they may not die like the sons of Adam but shall have life everlasting.


  1. That’s the theory.
    That new age “enlightenment” will reach a massive amout of people. Personally, I don’t buy it. People are still far too ignorant to even try something as incredible as an isolation tank.

  2. “Many astrologers”, yeah? name one
    And not some random guy who has a telescope in his back yard, I want the name of an accomplished astrologer

  3. Astronomers belive that solar activity will be very bad for the earth. That has nothing to do with god or anything else. the mayans predicted this and they believe in something completely different than what religion is now. If anything does happen in 2012 everyone is fucked. it doesn’t matter how “good” you are.

  4. Are you sure? The astrologers I’ve read and consulted with told me 2012 was only going to be a so-so time of world transformation and unity. I was planning to get drunk that whole year. Better able to ‘unify’ with my fellow man, if you know what I mean.
    Or I guess, let my fellow man unify with me. 😛

  5. hahaha. Planetary alignment. That happened in 2000, on May 5. Nothing magical happened.
    There’s going to be no extraordinary planetary alignments in 2012. Just the normal conjunctions that happen every year.
    Ever heard the fable of Chicken Little? You’re Foxy Loxy.

  6. Actually, if there are any suicides over this I hope to see those responsible for spreading the rumor charged in courts of law.
    In China, “deceiving the people” is a felony or so they say, so those promoting anything for 2012 had best not visit that nation.
    But in any case, when 2012 passes the frauds and fools will be back with another false prophecy. Most likely for sometime between 2016 and 2025.
    There will still be enough gullible and superstitious folk around, who learnt nothing from 2012 to hand over their money for trash.
    EDIT Oops I forgot. What planetary alignment?

  7. That doesn’t make sense why would some god suddenly judge a bunch of people in the all of history, and demand them to follow one path.. I mean whats the point, should’nt someone say to that god: Get a life.. or what? i just.. don’t get it.
    im not being hatefull or anything i just don’t get it


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