2006 was the year of spiritual awakening for me.How was it for you who want enlightenment? .?

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I felt a stream of spiritual awakening among different types of people.For me it was the year of Spiritual fullfilment.

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Good for you. I hope you’re able to spread the love.

the Boss

It was hell




I remember doing acid.


for me, it was a year of depression, suicidal thoughts, and bad days.
i didn’t get a spiritual awakening.
but i realized who i’m not, and what i’m not, and so many other things about myself and the world i’m in. and i realized i’m okay.
i call that fulfillment.


Difficult. Enlightenment comes when you are not searching and my time is still yet to come. Congrats to you though! 🙂


It was a year of great discovary and realisation for myself. Pray that the enlightened teach the deluded the truth. May all people realise the true ways of this world. 🙂


It was both good and bad. I left an abusive relationship and started back up with an ex from the past. I had a little boy. I lost a good friend to brain cancer in October. It was basically a roller coaster, and I started thinking very deeply about religion and its place in my life. I choose to follow Islam for the most part, but I am not perfect and never will be. Nobody is. I loved and lost, rejoiced and cried, achieved and received disappointment. But, I can say my major success this year was graduating from college. I am happy you have had this year. I hope one year I can have one too. Until then, keep praying and try to be the best person you can be.

Hello there

I had mine in 1998
but I need a refill
Good for you tho!!


it was fuckin borin for me


2006 was a tough year, but I guess it WAS the year for some miraculous moments and enlightenments for me. I guess tough times are always followed by plenty of blessings 🙂
I was always on the spiritual path since I was brought up that way, but I do agree that 2006 was special. After all, 2+0+0+6 = 8, which is the number of saturn, the planet of rewards and enlightenment.


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