2 Questions About Shamanism?

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Ok, so I know Wicca and other such paths has a “rede”, codes to live by.
1. Does Shamanism have an rede type of thing?
2. What can you tell me about rituals that Shamanism uses?
Please don’t give me Wiccan and similar rituals, just Shamanism rituals.
(And for my fellow Jews who may be quite the judgemental type, please remember that there is a big difference between LEARNING about something and actually DOING it. I’m always interested in learning. Thanks.)

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Shaman is such a general term that you could not specifically say “this is a shamanistic ritual” and “this is not a shamanistic ritual”. Many people now say they follow the Shamanistic Path, but there is no such thing, except insofar as they borrow traditions from widely divergent cultures in different ages and cultures.
That would be like asking for the rules for being a lawyer, even those are often diametrically opposed in different jurisdictions.


You can summon a spirit (god) by slaughtering an animal and burning it.


I’m also interested in shamanism..unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you. but I would like to know also. so when you find out could you let me know?

bad tim the goy gay guy

shamanism is a category of spiritual practice, not a dogmatic religion. beliefs vary widely from one tradition to another, and one culture to another.
every shaman you meet will have a completely different take on ritual and moral laws, unless you happen to meet a shaman and an apprentice.


Which Shaman?
There are, historically, Shamans in tons of cultures. No one here can give you a correct answer unless they tell you about every kind of Shaman out there.


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