Home Discussion Forum #2 Can you all write an interesting paragraph using these random words??

#2 Can you all write an interesting paragraph using these random words??

These stories of you all are getting funnier than ever!!!!
1. sunny day
2. sleepless night
3. financial burden
4. spiritual awakening
5. surprise
6. if ever I would leave you


  1. If ever I would leave you on a sunny day I would be surprised to find many sleepless nights and financial burden trying to heal my heart and thats why I try to find spiritual awakening.

  2. Sunny day ahead after a sleepless night worrying about a financial burden led to a spirirual awakening which came as a big surprise and made me realise if ever I would leave you it had to be now.

  3. It was a sunny day when the bank gave me a surprise phonecall to tell me about my financial burden. Needless to say that night I had sleepless night wondering if I would ever leave you with my financial burden. But the next morning I had a spiritual awakening and decided to go and live in a tree…

  4. I had a SLEEPLESS NIGHT because i couldn’t stop thinking of this FINANCIAL BURDEN that i’ve gotten myself into. My boyfriend offered to help me with this but my pride wouldn’t let him do it. I instead told him “IF I EVER WOULD LEAVE YOU call me crazy”. To my SUPRISE I had a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING when I went to the store to get a lottery ticket in which i won $7,000.00. I knew this was going to be a SUNNY DAY. Now everything is just fine. I can sleep again.

  5. Pondering on the sunny day ahead of me, I could not sleep through the night as my financial burdens banged my brain and thoughts which disturbed my dreams. To my surprise I did finally sleep two hours straight, but regretfully awoke after dreaming about my gorgeous neighbor. In my dream, my gorgeous Latin neighbor professed his passionate desire for me. Asked to give me a night like no other. Just like the song by Enrique Iglesias, the one that talks about a night compared to a spiritual awakening. With no hesitation, I jumped into his arms! I told him that my body said “YES” but my conscious said “NO!” So I told him, “If ever I would leave you….” and could not finish the phrase as my dog barked and awoke me. Thinking of how my dream would’ve ended I suffered a sleepless night.
    Can’t wait to greet my neighbor tonight !


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