12 patients of zodiac, being ill in Astrology? ?

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Astrology has also it’s own opinion about medicine science and some signs have more certain diseases and problems with health. But is this true in your case?
Aries – Accidents, injuries to head, mouth and tooth diseases, ocular diseases, headaches and insomnia.
Taurus – Angina and tonsillitis, kidney problems, health issues caused by over weight. Rarely sick.
Gemini – Insomnia and problems to relax. Migraine, decent, asthma, skin problems, backache. Infections in hands, fingers and neck. Addicts easily.
Cancer – Stomach pains and stomach ulcer. Anemia, stress, exhaustion and other psychosomatic problems. Burn outs and mental problems. Kidney problems and headache. Addicts easily.
Leo – Depression, weak bloodstream, heart condition, backache and neck pains, stomach dysfunction.
Virgo – Insomnia, neurogenic stomach and bowel pains. Haunch and hand pains, gout, arthralgia. Rarely sick.
Libra – Over weight, kidney and urine diseases. Flus.
Scorpio – Liver and artery diseases, genital diseases, varicose veins, sports injuries, nose bleedings, flus. Alcohol diseases.
Sagittarius – Broken bones and sport injuries. Migraine, eczema. Liver and pancreas problems.
Capricorn – Burn outs and stress. Mental problems. Headaches, eczema, migraine, allergies. Tooth problems. Cancer.
Aquarius – Weak bloodstream. Heart, pineal gland, nervous system problems. Mental breakdowns. Weak skeleton.
Pisces – Liver, lung and other visceral diseases. Allergies, eczema, rheumatism and weak metabolism. Alcohol problems. Flus.
Have you ever diseased you signs typical diseases? Do you think this list makes sense at all?
This list i guess is by sun sign, is there any else planet that might rule sickness?

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golden sindy

All the planets have their particular diseases that they are known for, just like the signs you have stated above. Here is a MOST excellent site for research into medical astrology:


I’m not too sure how many of these sicknesses are right, but I am a Virgo and I am rarely sick. My mother is an Aquarius and she has a very week skeleton, broken vertebrae’s and all. I’m not too sure about the rest, but it is interesting to read.

Magical Purple Sock :)

Considering I am only 20 years old, I probably won’t be able to answer this fully. IN 20 years I might have a different answer.
I have a lot of problems with head aches, mental breakdowns, bi polar ( which isn’t listed ), and stomach aches.
So I guess that is a mixture of Leo and Aquarius, which is my moon and rising sun respectively. My sun is in Sagittarius which I have never had problems with any of that stuff. My sister is a Sag and she broke a bone.




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