10 Ways to Clear Your Root Chakra

Maybe you’re going through a hard time (in this economy, many of us are), or maybe it’s a more deeply ingrained part of your nature–but whatever the cause, you’re feeling anxious, insecure, vulnerable, unable to relax and let your guard down.

If this sounds like you, it might help you to learn some ways to clear and balance your root chakra.

The root chakra–muladhara in Sankrit–is the first of the seven chakras. It’s the key to feeling grounded, safe, and secure in the world, and as such, it’s the foundation for your health, and for the development of all your other chakras.

Clearing, balancing, and opening your first chakra can help you get your feet back under you when you’re feeling like you’re “losing your grip.” It can help you relax, feel calmer and more secure, and let go of nagging fears. It can help you gain the feeling that you truly belong in the universe, and that everything will turn out basically alright for you.

That’s a good feeling! When you feel deeply secure, you can turn your attention to more interesting things–relationships, art, creating, career, learning, spiritual development, rock-climbing, ferret-raising–the possibilities are endless!

And you don’t have to be a trained energy healer to heal your own chakras. Of course, it can help to get treatment from a professional energy healer. But there are many easy, down-to-earth, even fun things that you can do yourself to give your chakras a “tune-up.”

Yes, you’ll be doing energy healing. But it’s a form of energy healing that I call “every-day energy healing.” Anyone can do it. The key is having a clear intention–a clear, focused idea of the outcome that you want. You can do that!

Read on to learn ten easy, effective things that you can do to give your muladhara chakra a tune-up.

But first:

What Are the Chakras?
The chakras are organs of our energy body. They act as energy centers, or energy portals, that exchange energy with the rest of the universe.

There are seven main chakras, located along the center line of our body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each chakra is associated with different glands, organs, body regions, and aspects of our life, personality, and spiritual development.

The chakras are critical to our physical health, the quality of our life, and our ability to develop spiritually.

The Healthy Chakra
A healthy chakra is open, allowing energy to flow freely both horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the universe, and vertically, connecting it with the other chakras.

It’s very common–almost universal–to have one or more chakras that is somewhat blocked or imbalanced. An under-functioning chakra can cause disruptions in a person’s body, mind, spirit, and life. These disruptions can range from a sense of unwellness and unease, to more serious problems–actual dis-ease in one’s body or dysfunction in one’s life.

What is the Root Chakra?
The muladhara, or first chakra is located at the base of the spine. It’s keyword is “survival.” It relates to the physical self, self-preservation, survival instincts, our connection to our bodies and the earth, and our sense of safety, security, and belonging in the world. Its related color is red, and its related element is earth.

Is Your First Chakra Healthy or Blocked?
Someone with a healthy first chakra will usually have a basic sense of security and safety in the world. They will be well- grounded, with “common sense.” The practical side of their life will usually function fairly smoothly. They will have a sense of having (or being able to get) enough material resources to meet their needs. They will likely be fairly at ease with their own body. Often, though not always, they will have a relatively healthy physical body, with healthy bones, feet, legs, colon and adrenal glands. Their bowels will function well, and their weight will be in a healthy range.

If the first chakra is blocked, a person may feel overly fearful about security and survival. Perhaps they experience extreme anxiety, or panic attacks. They may be ungrounded, flighty, fearful, and have a feeling of not really belonging anywhere. They may have a weak physical constitution, and problems with their bones, feet, legs, colon, elimination, or weight. They may lack common sense, and be unable to “settle.” They may be unable to hold down a job, or may move often. Sometimes an unhealthy first chakra will manifest in the opposite way, with a person being overly practical, plodding, a creature of habit, unable to dream or imagine.

10 Ways to Clear, Open, and Balance Your First Chakra
If you feel you would benefit from clearing your first chakra, there are many practical, every-day things that you can do. Here are ten ideas:

  1. belly breathe
  2. walk, especially walk barefoot in nature
  3. dance
  4. mindfully eat healthy food, especially root vegetables or healthy “comfort food”
  5. garden
  6. create healthy order or structure in your life or home, such as creating a filing system or putting up shelves in the garage or basement
  7. if you have belongings scattered in various places, take steps to “bring them home”
  8. wear a pleasing shade of red
  9. repeat affirmations such as: “I am safe.” “I have a right to be here.” “I have a right to be me.” ” The universe is a good place.” “Life is good.” “Everything is going to work out just fine.” “I belong.” “I have all that I need.” “The universe provides for me abundantly.” “All is well and I can let down my guard and rest.” ” I am.”
  10. surround yourself with pleasing, earthy smells, such as essential oils of cedar, clove, or patchouli.

Intention Matters!
Remember, you are working with your subtle energy. Your intention matters! Before doing one of the activities above, set your intention. For example, you might set and hold the intention to clear and balance your first chakra, to build your sense of safety, security, and ability to survive in the world, to enhance your ability to tap into the universal abundance, to increase your ability to finish things that you start, etc. Just make it clear, and as you are doing the activity, occasionally stop to be aware that you’re actually creating your intention.

Seek Professional Help If
If you have serious concerns about your physical or mental health, you should seek the help of a qualified medical or mental health professional. The ideas in this article are meant to complement your health, rather than replace qualified professional health care.

A Blessing
I wish you abundance, health, and a deep sense of contentment and ease in the world.

Copyright 2010 — Nancy Hausauer. All rights reserved.

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Nancy Hausauer is an energy healer and writer with a private practice in Tacoma, Washington (U.S.). Her goal is “An energy healer in every home!” For more information about chakras and energy healing, visit her energy healing website, www.the-energy-healing-site.com. For lots of suggestions of things you can do for natural pain relief, wellness, and relaxation of your physical body, visit her bodywork website at www.Tacoma-massage-therapy.com.

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