10 points to anyone who practices white or black magick?





can any one help me with a spell to get my ex-boyfriend back? for further details please email me. or if you can refer me to someone that would help too.


  1. What do you want magic for? He made his choice. If you need him that desperately, call him up and talk to him about what went wrong. But remember, you can’t make up his mind for him. If he’s made up his mind, there’s nothing you can do about it. And if it comes to that, I recommend “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

  2. As your first answerer was correct, if we’re using the color analogy; all magic is essentially “gray”. and the casters intent changes alot. however using magic against another person is unadvisable and all around unwise. you’ll get back what you give && attempting to take the will of another is unreasonable and unforgivable.

  3. Black and White magic is a made up concept as people are still sticking to their Values of right and wrong and good and bad. There is no such thing. Magic isn’t about the rainbow array of skittles flavory tastiness.
    Regardless of that aspect a spell to get your boyfriend back is tricky as controlling another’s mind with your own desires is devious. If it’s meant to be it will happen, otherwise buck it up and get over it.
    Try a spell to change your outlook. He doesn’t want someone that is stuck in the past and pines over him like some banshee. Do this.
    Cleanse yourself by earth first and then by water and then bathe in an aromatic difution of incense.
    Create a paltrice of salt and oatmeal and soak in its refreshing waters.
    You must devise a way to cut your hair and then take the pieces of cut hair and burn it in a outside fire. Feel free to invite your friends over and make it a party.
    Oh, I almost forgot. You’ll have to hug someone else as the ceremony ends. Feel free to ask that person out for a second meeting.

  4. Do not use a love spell. BUT if he has a new girl friend, you might try cursing her and making her clumbsy or not want to be around him or something. That should turn his attention abck to you.
    HOWEVER, you need to work on who you are to become who he wants in his life.
    ACTUALLY, I recommend that you forget him and deveolp yourself to be who you were born to be. Then the perfect guy will come along!!!

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