10 points if Someone can paraphrase this paragraph?

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Music and dance are an integral part of village life in Liberia. The people dance and sing for the departed souls of the dead, at celebrations and weddings, on behalf of important visitors, and just for fun. Liberian dances are often noted for the energy and passion displayed by the dancers. As with most African dance forms, Liberian dances often reference not just the physical, but the spiritual as well. These dances are a way to preserve and transmit important stories and traditions.
Dance styles vary according to different tribes and region. Some of the best known forms of Liberian dance include Kru dances, Vai dances, Kpelle dances and Bassa dances.
“Bodeor,” a Liberian word for high priest, is the name of the piece performed by Diamano Coura West African Dance Company in People Like Me 2006. The dance illustrates how Africa’s ancient societies and traditions have been impacted by the social, economic and cultural upheaval that has accompanied modernization. Also known as the Dance of the Black Forest, this dance has its roots in the story of the village high priest. The Bodeor provided great stability to traditional African societies by teaching, sharing wisdom and problem solving. Though known by different names throughout different regions and ethnic groups, the high priests often played an integral role in shaping the culture and politics of Africa. The position of the Bodeor was passed on through the family line from one generation to the next.
“Bodeor” combines live music, dance, and theatre to depict the shifting times and challenges of the African people. It is performed in uniform, in order to comment on the political turmoil that characterizes much of contemporary African society.

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::: BiG TEEZiE :::

To busy doing my own homework to do yours..


Why? It sounds great as it is. If you want to use it, just cite it, don’t plagiarize it.


Hey, you’ve gotta learn to do it! I admit that these paragraphs are jam-packed with information and hard to boil down, but first go through them and highlite main ideas.
In the first paragraph, for example, you get the idea that music and dance are very important in Liberia, help preserve stories and traditions and often have a spiritual meaning. Write that down.
Next, the idea that the styles are different in different regions.
The last two paragraphs take up a particular dance piece. What does it show about modernization? Why is it important that it carries the name “high priest”? I’m not sure if “in uniform” means “all together, doing the same steps” or “wearing some sort of uniform.” You’ll have to guess at that.
Put all this into some sort of coherent paragraph for your paraphrase. More details if that is what your teacher wants.
Reading some other comments here, I just realized that this is not homework where you have to summarize, but you may want to use all the material, only phrased differently. My bad! But that, I am too tired to do, and it’s your job. Sorry!


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