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10 Facts About Remote Viewing

Discover Remote Viewing
Could you transcend the boundaries of time and space? What could be better than having a snoop around the universe without having to take your body with you? Remote viewing is not just for spying on military targets, although much development of the system was attributable to the cold war. Just imagine what fun you could have if you could tap into this ability.
10 things you didn’t know about remote Viewing
1. Remote viewing is the scientific method of tapping into the universal mind
2. You do not have to be psychic to learn and use remote viewing
3. You can access incredible mental powers you didn’t know you have
4. Remote viewing is the controlled use of ESP
5. The remote viewer can perceive a target that is located elsewhere in time and space
6. Remote viewing was developed during the cold war through the 70’s and 80’s
7. It is not an out of body experience
8. The viewer does not enter a meditative or trance state
9. To become a viewer requires diligent practice, it takes time and dedication
10. Five things are needed for the viewing — the remote viewer, active ESP abilities, a distant target, the subject’s recorded perceptions and a confirmatory positive feedback
To become a remote viewer takes a lot of dedication but could be a worthwhile challenge to uncover some unexpected abilities within your inner psyche. You can develop your abilities to become a remote viewer if you have patience and motivation.
There are lots of resources available on the internet regarding training in this skill, just ensure that you use a reputable company or organisation.
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