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♥♥♥ What is the difference between meditation and concentration?


  1. sleep is unconscious meditation
    meditation is conscious sleep
    when you sleep, you recieve limited energy
    when you meditate, you recieve abundant energy

    -introduction to what meditation is, author unknown
    concentration is focusing thought on a single task or thing, this can be done during meditation
    But meditation is the unfiltered process of thoughts. Letting them float by, and not lingering on one. This way you may come across a great idea that through normal thinking you wouldn’t have imagined.
    (to my knowledge, that is…)

  2. Concentration usually involves concentrating on ‘something’, such as a problem or a book.
    Meditation is meant to be concentrating on ‘nothing’.
    You could view meditation as a sub-set of concentration.

  3. Meditation is deconcentration.
    However One starts with concetrating on something like, breath or certain object or feeling before getting into meditation.

  4. Gally,
    Meditation is a means of training the mind to think more clearly (concentrate). Have a great weekend.
    Fisticuff’s answer is much better then mine. I really like it!

  5. Meditation is a spiritual clearing of the mind striving for quiet. (letting out)
    Concentration is the act of focusing to take in information (letting in)

  6. Concentration is the focusing of the mind on an object. Meditation is a relaxation; a gentle witnessing, which brings awareness to what is, and does not use the mind at all — it watches the mind.

  7. Concentration is one-way focus, generally intense.
    Meditation is more relaxed and free-flowing, both sending out and receiving information, thoughts, ideas, etc.

  8. Friend,
    MEDITATION is normally used for the Positive achievement of some thing.
    In Spiritual field this TERM is used mostly now a days.
    Concentration is a part in some types of meditation, but not Meditation itself.It is a rung on the ladder.
    But concentration can be either on good or bad things.
    Meditation is used only in the good quality work only.So we meditate on SELF.
    we Meditate to realize what is the TRUTH.
    But we may concentratedly think on any thing good or bad, as I understand.

  9. Meditation is a spiritual practice, or it may be closely tied to the practice of a religion such as, Hinduism or Buddhism. Meditation is a central practice in eastern religions, for contacting “God” or your higher Self. The Christian religion touches upon Meditation with Biblical statements such as “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”
    Concentration can be a part of meditation. You concentrate when you begin your meditation. After the initial period, as your thoughts decrease you keep your awareness spontaneously, this is meditation without concentration.


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