?????? Did Gautama Buddha get all his questions answered through meditation?





E.Q: How did he know he was in an enlightened state…….?


  1. Suppose one has a terrible pain in his chest. He tried various medicines one after the other. One day he found a new medicine and he took it. He followed all the instructions and took every precaution. Finally his chest-pain vanished and never occurred again and how did he know his chest pain got vanished? He feels it. Understand it. He is aware of it. That is how Lord Buddha knew that his mid has uprooted all the defilements. The important thing is anybody can have the same experience when they themselves attain that level.

  2. I believe Meditation did give him the ability to focus his concentration on insights that answered his questions or was it more that he was able to see his questions being answer.
    I would guess he didn’t even care about being enlightened, not being attached to anything, not even enlightenment. He would have been apart of the very questions, as a man he was asking to then fully realise the knowledge he was seeing was the very reason he didn’t need to question the answers he was now seeing. With wisdom…… faith is longer required. He was now apart of the answer others may seek.
    karma bub:) NSEW

  3. Yes. But you have to remember that meditation back then was a Way of Life, you lived breathed and exercised in a meditative way – sitting down contemplating the navel is a very small part of the meditative process, and not a particularly productive one if that’s all one does.
    Real meditation comes through doing things correctly, not by intellectualising about doing things correctly and doing nothing about them.
    It is highly likely that he did not realise he was enlightened as a ‘new state’ but simply realised the Way of the world. Others around him probably mistook his sometimes detached view of subjects (emotionally) as well as his heightened sensitivity to psychic phenomena as being different to them and thus ‘enlightened’.

  4. Those stages are to be experienced by self. No one under the Sun can give anyone, or explain.
    We should not question others in those matters. Everyone has his own answers after reaching that stage.Asking questions, instead, if we follow the path, we ourselves may know. Its just a chance, if not in this birth, another. many have experienced.

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