☼ I found a CRYSTAL BALL today as I cleaned out the garage….What to know your future??

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Ask me a question….I’ll check the magical orb and get back to you.
–º Uhhhhhhh, this is all in fun, folks. I shall give you your fortunes just as soon as I can. Some of you REALLY need to relax and remember…..this is YA —„

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Video Games are my life

I don’t believe in that stuff.


what is my future career going to be?


Am I gonna get best answer?


will i ever find true love again?


Will I ever have any more children?
I know you’re just kidding….I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago…no more kids for me….LOL…4 is enough anyway…heeheehee


yes i want to know everything

RidiculousQstioner w/Vengeance

May I contact juggle with it?


“did I reach all my hard to hit spots in the shower?”

bee p

are you a hollow or solid crystal ball?


will i find true love again?


lol, i know a girl named Chrystl Ball. Her married name, but its hilarious.
I’d rather not entrust my future in a ball that you found in the garage. It could be evil.


Will I ever set foot in New Mexico again?


will love last this time?


no, i want to enjoy the years ahead of me in ignorant bliss

Sandra H

How many frogs do I have to ….. to get to my prince already?


A true follower of the Lord Jesus would never get involved with this.


Will i have a happy and successful marriage?


Can you fill in the blanks to complete the sentences below in a clever or amusing way? (Be sure to tell the Magic Orb, this is NOT homework.)
1. If all the wit and whimsy of the people who submitted ___________ answers to this question were ________, there would be _____________ to ______________.
2. For all the lovelorn answerers, my heart truly goes out to you all, but you should stop _____________ and start _______________.
3. When Sunshine first touched the Magic Orb, she felt ___________ and thought ____________.
4. The Magic Orb just sat around all those years in a musty old garage, and had a lot of time to think about ________________ and ________________.
5. Dionne Warwick’s “Psychic Friends Network” called and wants to know _______________.


What are some cultural or religious symbols that represent enlightenment?

I'm looking for some kind of religious or cultural symbol that represents spiritual enlightenment. Any ideas? Thanks!

should i go see a shaman? can they truely help me? ?

well i know this shaman, we went to vegas and an old lady came up to her and told her that she felt her...

Atheists what does your crystal ball see happening will there be robots in the Future?

thanks in advance I haven't come across any robots yet walking down the street but i will be on the lookout

Do you read auras, or get vibes from people?

do you know how to read auras? If you get vibes, then how do you get vibes from people, in what sense and way are...
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