My husband is having an MRI of his pituitary gland. We suspect a problem with his hypothalamus. Would the MRI also show the hypothalamus?


  • yes it can!my dad has alot of problems with his and he was sluriing his speech one day and walken weird and we took him into the emegency room and it ended up being his pituitary gland!they put him on meds and were able to control it!they thought it was abrain tumor and here it was just his pituitary gland!not a good thing but better than the brain tumor!my dad goes to an awsome endocronologist!

  • Not necessarily. I had a similar pituitary MRI (negative results) that didn’t say anything directly about my hypothalamus. The doctors were able to infer my hypothalamus wasn’t functioning properly, but nothing showed up on the MRI.

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