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will karma come back and get me if I use a voodoo doll?

Please no atheist answers, and PRETTY PLEASE no Bible-thumping answers saying that voodoo dolls demonic!

I’m a Christian btw.


  • curse won’t work, and the demon you conjured up will be tortured for it. That means you’ll be tortured too. Usually mentally. You’ll start hearing voices and getting paranoid. Depending on the curse, the demon could have a legal right to harm you. Usually it will drive you crazy enough to commit suicide, so it can get your soul. You better know the person you seek to curse.
    My advice: it’s not worth it. If you want to harm someone, play a prank on them or something. Or just don’t talk to them. Conjuring up a spirit is not a wise thing to do.

  • Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. This will happen 100% of the time but you will never know with things of this nature, what the reaction will be.

    Could be as simple as, “if you stick a pin in a doll, the reaction is the insides of the doll move aside for the pin”, Or it could mean, “you just killed the person and are doomed to an everlasting hell of torture by demons and otherworldy minions”.

    Who knows…..

  • Yes it will come back to you because it only know you and the works of your hands, to bring back to you double what you purpose with your own hands to do, whether good or evil.

    Beware of witchcraft…. said the Almighty.

  • Sweetie I can tell you right now, not to listen to these people. My grandmother was a Christian that practiced Hoodoo all of her life. She lived to be 83 years old without anything terrible happening to her. People are just trying to scare you. However, if you’re so worried about it, then pray for forgiveness or go through a strand of rosary beads a few times to repent for your sins. It’s what I do after annoying the crap out of an enemy. So far the three fold rule hasn’t applied itself as one would think. Bad things won’t come unless you let them.

  • It is unusual that you claim to be Christian and express the belief in karma. Karma is the law that we receive what we send out. If we do good then good will return to us if we do bad then bad will return to us. if you use a voodoo doll to harm someone then yes, you will receive harm back. Now in Wicca we sometimes use poppetts which is similar to a voodoo doll but it is used for good not bad.

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