Can you have more then one book of shadows, if you run put of space in the first one?
(btw, i’m not wiccan, i’m an eclectic pagan that’s got mainly wiccan beliefs and is looking to doing spells)


  • I’m a non-wiccan witch and I use a Book of Shadows (although I call it a grimoire). I currently have 3 zipper binder Books of Shadows.

    One should not expect their Book of Shadows to be limited to one book. I know many other witches who have more books than I do.

    EDIT: I have to correct “Lady Luna”: If you write your book of shadows in another language, you won’t understand what you are saying. It’ll take more time to try to figure out what you are saying. All your concentration will be focused on translating the language, rather than on the task at hand. I recommend writing it in english, that way you won’t mistake anything, and can focus entirely on the task at hand.

  • you can have more than one book of shadows…
    but you DON’T have to write it in a different language. mine is in plain english and it doesn’t only have to contain spells but also your beliefs, your they way you set up your altar, what certain things mean, etc.

  • Yes you can have more than one book of shadows, and I disagree with what the person above me says, it does not have to be in a different language, it can be in english, though some (note key word here is ‘some”) pagans/wiccans use the runic alphabet(s) this is not a requirement.

  • Yes, you can have more than one Book of Shadows, just remember it is for Spells mainly. Also you need to choose a language to write your spellswith, so no one else can figure out what you had written.

    I know it seems like a secret but really it is serious and you don’t want to leave yourself open. Or young teens getting a hold of your own Magick Book, what works for you may not work for them and may cause harm to them…

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