If there are millions of wiccans worldwide and it’s all good then why don’t we have brick and mortar meeting houses and schools? There are online ‘church and school of wicca’ why not real?


  • Greetings!

    There are, and they are not stolen from other Faiths.

    Have you ever read a History Book? Look at the Pictures, you might see images of thousands and thousands of Temples, Churches, and Meeting Houses that were built by Pagans, many burnt down by Religious Extremists.

    Wicca learned from the past, and when you do not learn from the past, you are doomed to repeat it-

    So, you are looking to Convert to Wicca? Well good for you, and Welcome! We have a Temple and Education complex, where everyone is welcome. We Teach, hold Rites and Rituals, but to even find it, you must be a good person, and have true Love in your Heart.

    It`s right next to a Metaphysical Retreat Center that has been there for 50 years, and hosts retreats for people of all Faiths.


  • I can as a solitary, or with my group, set sacred space wherever I want and I prefer to worship outdoors when I can, so no brick and mortar building is really necessary. Group worship is often practiced with covens. My local group does have a hall available for rental regularly that is used for indoor rituals when the weather will be less favorable for outdoor rituals. I find this is a lot cheaper than actually buying or constructing a permenant building and paying for the building and its upkeep; utilities, maintenance, landscaping, etc. Many of us are struggling to make ends meet for ourselves and our families, so we don’t want to take on the financial burden of a permanent building to be utilized as a church/school.

    Why do you not consider online networking and courses “real”? Most colleges offer online courses keeping up with today’s technology, and people’s chaotic lives who are trying to fit work, family, and school all into their schedules and may not be able to physically travel to a campus, keeping a strict schedule in doing so. I rather like the freedom of being able to arrange my study time around my mundane schedules. (I assume you mean schools teaching Wicca, not regular elementary or high schools like there are Catholic schools and such. I see no need for Wiccan grade/high schools – I would say Wiccans tend to like to be diverse, and inclusive, and not segregated from others in regular everyday life based on faith.)

    I’ve also met many other Wiccans and pagans, some really great people, through online egroups and chat groups, several of which I have since met in person and developed “real life” friendships with.

    As someone above pointed out as an example, the Correllian tradition of Wicca has a physical school, and they also have an online school. (Though I don’t personally recommend or endorse them based on my personal experiences with them and my personal opinions/tastes, but they are quite real.)

    If I wish to learn certain related subjects from others outside of my local coven, or network with others who have common spiritual interests, my local pagan and metaphysical shops offer a variety of classes regularly.

    In this day and age, there are plenty of good educational and networking resources for Wiccans, both through the internet and in local communities. Perhaps you are just not looking in the right places. You’re not likely to ever see a big white building in every town with a huge sign over the door reading “(insert tradition here) Church of Wicca”. Check your local metaphysical and pagan oriented shops for networking information, open Sabbat circles, classes, etc. At some point you may want to consider joining a coven if it is more formal training you are looking for, and/or you wish to become ordained clergy.



  • Well there are covens, but they can meet wherever they choose to meet.

    From what I can make out it’s more about finding your own path within Wicca as opposed to having a massive amount of dogma to wade through. So no lessons 😛

  • There are.
    The Correllian tradition has one in Hoopston, Illinois, for example.
    If you check the link below, you will find some.
    There mainly are not “brick and mortar” places of worship because we don’t need them…nature is our church and our temple is wherever we are.
    As for schools, most Pagans and Wiccans do not believe in indoctrinating children that their beliefs are the only way, if you are talking about private schooling for school-aged children, so most Pagans and Wiccans go to mainstream schools.
    “online” schools are every bit as “real” as physical ones. It’s the same as taking a correspondance course for college.

  • There used to be many buildings for gatherings, libraries too. Then they got burnt to the ground by Christians and Catholics.

    And still today, people persecute religions they don’t understand. If they rebuilt, they’d just get burnt down again. 🙁

  • “Church” and “Coven” could be considered somewhat equivalent. A coven, like a church, can (and does) provide instruction (school).

    The fact that wicca is tied to nature is why you will seldom see anything like a building as a place of gathering. That does not preclude gatherings from taking place inside buildings (I have attended such).

  • Uhm actually some towns have Wiccan meeting houses. I know one of our covens here has a home that they use for all of their rituals , classes and meetings. Another coven uses meeting spaces at various metaphysical stores to gather at. They are around, you just have to find them since Wiccans (and alot of pagans for that matter) tend to be quieter about their business. I haven’t met any Wiccan or Pagan who felt the need to put a church on every street corner.

  • The same three reasons that are directly or indirectly responsible for most observed phenomena.

    That is to say: pounds, shillings and pence.

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