I’m sure it’s been this way among humans forever in every place we have graced our presence with. Why? Some rat turd stole my son’s bike right from our doorstep a few days ago. No biggie, it can be replaced, but what leads someone to trespass on others property and steal from someone else? I am not saying I am a saint, but even if my neighbor sat 6.7 million dollars worth of gold bricks on their front porch I would not touch it! It’s not mine to touch, it does not belong to me, so why would I touch it? Even if I was hungry or my children were hungry, I would not touch it! We would eat scraps and grass until we could trap or make tools to hunt an animal to eat if it came down to it. I don’t understand people.

On a larger scale and aside from my own trifles, why are there hungry people at all when there is enough food for everyone? Why are there weapons that can destroy the world 100 times over and not enough medicine to help the sick? Why do we have to pay to have the most basic of necessities (food, shelter, water)? Why is it a crime for a man or woman to hunt a non-threatened animal to put food on the family table if they don’t have a license to do so? Same applies to fishing, you have to pay to have a fishing permit? Why do so many accept the lies and ugliness of this world and perpetuate it?

I’m not a tree hugging hippie, I am a normal human being that sees something very wrong with this life and this world. What am I doing to change it? I have a garden, I have guns, I bought “da man’s” hunting permit although I am part native and I have a blood right to this land to take what I need to feed my family, I don’t watch TV, I only drive when necessary, I recycle containers and jars and many other things, I don’t buy crap I don’t really need, I make my foods from scratch 99% of the time, I give to others even though I am not rich by any means.

You can’t step out the door these days without being bombarded by the general meanness and hatefulness of some people. It’s like something in the air or water. People see someone coming and don’t even have the common courtesy to say excuse me or move a bit. Some people think the world owes them something. It’s like nothing is real anymore. This world is like a nightmare! Call me a pessimist or Negative Nancy, I don’t care! It’s real. What the hell is going on?
That’s exactly the problem Miss “Candy Princess”, people like you write this off as, “Oh it’s just human nature hun, join the brain dead club and shut up!” Well no I won’t shut up, and you mean to tell me being a slime that takes what is not yours to take…be it a bike or another person’s natural human rights to EXIST, is right, and human nature? Lady, you’re sick. Go get help.


  • I found this blog only today, as I was googling “why are people so selfish”.
    I’m 21 years old and it shocks me how selfish people are nowadays.Everyone only taking care of their own interests, they care not for the well being of others.
    I thought I used to have friends.For those people I always had time, always helped them when they needed it and would have done anything and everything for them.But when I needed someone, only one time, cause I was going through a rough time, to be there for me, they all left my side.
    That’s when I realised true friendship and real people are an extinct “species”.Good hearts are so hard to find these days.
    And I agree completely.Why do the govts have money for weapons, but they don’t have it for medicine, education and food?Why do we have to work like slaves for food and roofs above our head, when we could live decent if the “leaders” would allow it?But, no, they care not for us.They care only of power, wealth, more land for themselves.
    It’s a sick world that we live in and it’s only getting worse.We pray to gods to help us, to be there for us, to forgive our sins, we pray to save us-but who will save us from ourselves?
    I don’t know what will be of our world.

  • Humans are weak. You consider humans as much more than what they really are. A piece of useless flesh, living and dying in vain, to become eventually worm food. Very few people can actually be called “humans” in the biblical term. Most can be separated from animals only because they can speak in human language.

    And i think that last phrase of mine, actually is an insult to animals. At least they dont kill each other for percentages.

  • To make a long story short, read this question:


    This is partly why human beings turn evil–the result of a form of cultural crisis. It’s a response to what despair they perceive, and depending on how desperate they get it can lead to everything from stealing to creating the kind of war you see in the Middle East.

    And BTW, to be evil is NOT simply a part of human nature. It may be a potential, but it doesn’t exist within everyone like some instinct. How do I know this? Because there are (thankfully) some human beings who are definitely NOT evil, and a true instinct is carried by all members of a species.

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