Ok, I know this is going to sound crazy, but I would appreciate any help from anyone please!

I have been having bad dreams every night. And it seems that in every dream, I am fighting evil- or I’m being hypnotized and then come to.

For example, maybe a week ago, I had a dream that I was being taken advantage of by a demon- as soon as I realized what was going on, I was fighting it and it went away and I woke up. Then the past few nights I’ve been having weird dreams like every single night. Two nights ago I dreamed I was putting gas in my boyfriends car. I went to add a little more gas to the gas tank then as I did, a flame started on the left side of the opening to the gas tank, not in it, but next to it. I freaked out cause I thought there would soon be an explosion. So I went into the store, I realized it wouldn’t be that safe in there either so everyone had to leave and go far away from the store. As I was leaving I looked back and the gas station was not only floating in the air but it was in flames & there were nun’s and children dancing in the flames almost as if to, not taunt me.. but to try to get me to go back to the flames. And I guess I started walking back, as if I was hypnotized and as I realized I was walking back to the danger I turned around and RAN in the other direction (towards Disney World and everything wonderful).

Then last night, I had a dream that I saw a dark figure in my house, like a demon and I shouted for it to get out, and I was trying to follow it and tell it to leave but I couldn’t go near it or look directly at it (kind of like when you’re trying to run but can’t in your dream). And then I woke up.

Also I have had other dreams where I was a spirit- or just energy and I have the option to stay in that world or like I was floating away or something (its hard to describe). And I always choose to come back to the physical world, I say things like “No, I’m not ready” or “I’m not done here yet” or something like that.

The demon dreams are really bothering me though, it’s happening every night pretty much.

I have also experienced sleep paralysis, and every time that has happened, I’ve seen a demon in the room trying to attack me or trying to get in my body or once someone was lying on top of my back. And I can’t scream or move and I’m trying to so badly, but my eyes are open.

Please read my other questions about my house- there is strange stuff going on & I just want to know what do to, what this means or if I’m crazy.
I don’t do drugs, I’m not taking any medication. I don’t even drink often.
I don’t have a religious leader. I’ve never been very religious. I am spiritual, but not that religious.


  • Hello everyone. Well, for years I was dreaming of casting out demons or running into them. It was obvious that I had been dealing with a lot of spiritual warfare. When you are experiencing this, it can be a great deal of reasons. You may have sin in your life, A form of witchcraft, Someone close to you is struggling with demons. Demons try to attack us in our sleep because that’s when we are most vulnerable. If you do not have Jesus in your life nor have accepted Him into your heart, there is no other way of permanently getting rid of demonic activity in your home or around you. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. LITERALLY. Jesus is the only one. Demons flee at that name. At night, I plead the blood of Jesus over my home, my room, my sleep and dreams. God loves you so much and wants you to be free from torment. Believe me, after dealing with this torment nearly EVERY night since childhood, I found the Jesus was the only way. Sin, unrepentance, unforgiveness, generational curses, etc. can leave an open door for demons to come and torment and tempt you. I pray for you all who read this and I plead the blood of Jesus over your lives, your sleep and peace and I pray that you accept the Lord into your life.

  • It all started on Monday and I’ve been having them ever since.
    Dream: One day I was going to get clothes my closet to go to church and a sheet was over it because there’s no door attached to it. (There really is a sheet in real) but anyways I saw a head imprint in the inside of the sheet and the sheet wraps around my face and the demon tries to suffocate me. I run to my mom with the sheet still on my face and still couldn’t breathe. She tried pulling it off but she couldn’t. Then, she saw a dark figure. She said “LEAVE!” It left and she cut the sheet off my face and I woke up!! I’m really scared and going to church tonight to talk with the people there!! I’m scared. Can someone help me?

    • I just woke upfrom this dream. It allways startsoff in my kitchen.And I’m screamig at the top of my lungs for this demon to get out of my house. Things start to get dark around me and objects begin to move.like it’s recongnitiion makes it stronger.but i presist to chase it from my kitchen where I always seem to catch the light And I feel the presants retreat into the bathroom only a few feet from the kitchen. Im never able to see the demon for long. And always get stuck staring at the ceiling with my neck crooked back. But last night I had the demon outside the door after I called to Jesus in my dream. I tried to lock the door and cast it away But I feel like my faith wasnt enough. Because my sister appeard to help me pray (in the dream)But the door wouldent lock and i couldent hold it shut and as the demon hand forced it’s self threw the door. I woke to a second dream but I’m next to my dog and I’m a bit scared but want panic cause ik I can face whatever it was i just encounterd.it took me awhile to figuer out that this was a dream also. But I figuerd it out cause my blanket was being pulled off my foot and i felt the presence or a different one i can’t be sure Sitting and lying next to me. Me and my dog huddle as much as we could under the blankent. I started to say the father prayer. And I finally woke up in my real bed. But could still feel that the presence was still lingering. She gave me her name last night and ik she’s an old woman i thibk she told me it was Edna or Irene.

  • I keep having the same Problems at night when I sleepthis all started happening back when I was 15. Id go to my bed and fall asleep, as I slept my whole body would start to feel numb from head to toes, then after I couldn’t breath move nor shout!
    About a couple days after. . The same thing happened bt this time as I slept . . Same thing . . Body numb couldn’t breath nor shout. The Third time it happened I actually saw a small shadow on top of me big pointy nose and kind of a witch hat it had on, I fought back and tried telling it to stop choking me and to leave me alone. . All it did was laugh(je je je je it had a squeaky voice). I moved here in Mexico it stopped for awhile then again it started happening as if it were following me. As soon as I stated getting that one feeling as I slept id wake up and and just stare at the ceiling till I fell asleep. . Happend many more times . . . Just last night I felt how it would grad my legs and pull me again I could shout nor breath especially not move it happend 3 times last night . . But this this time was different . . Last time it did it. . . It actually pulled me into its arms and just held me I felt like a girls soft hands on my chin id try to breath and calm down I couldn’t move because the again something would choke me. . I hate this feeling someone help me figure this out why is this happening to me? I see shadows and hear voices it creeps me out! My e-mail is memo963@live.com

  • Hello iv been having nightmares but its strange cause they always happen at my childhood home.in the nightmare insee my old room but its dark and its like somethings telling me to stay out. I feel as I evil I present I then walk into my sisters old bedroom its like ppl are sleeping in her bed maybe her I dont know.last nigt I had a nightmare that occurred in the same house we were in the kitchen and ppl were sitting at the table we all new the house had evil in it and we tried praying it away I began to speack in toungs and feld as if the Lord we speaking through me strange I know but what does this mean? Please help its scary my email is **@rocketmail.com please help…

  • I think you are experiencing what I had. In fact i just woke up from a dream like that. I was sitting on the computer and every thing i would type turned into a six (the number six is a demonic number) I got confused so I turned off my computer. I looked over and I saw huge black figure standing over my dog. My dog looked at me with glowing red eyes. I went over to him in tears praying to Jesus. I was holding my dog as tight as I could. It was coming closer to my face. I started to say Hail Mary and Our Father, and also screaming for Jesus to save us. The demon screamed a really high pitched scream and vanished. I woke up…with my dog laying right next to me…in the basement…where my computer is located. I don’t know if I was sleep walking or if it was real. I’m scared to death and I’m going to stay at my Mom’s house for awhile. I’m going to start praying every night and read the Bible. Maybe you should try this too.

  • Hi,I too been having demon dreams every night lately so I understand how you feel.It seems when I pray before I sleep it gets worse….Im a christian and I love Jesus and yet iM BEING ATTACKED! Im not sure what to do other than keep praying and asking God to help me Im so tired from lack of sleep and the war going on in my dreams. Times are tough and the demons are at the door trying to get all of us and they have gotten alot of peeps on thier side sad but true if only we could get rid of them for good God Bless you all

  • The past month or 2 or 3 (I don’t know) I had a dream of a ghost at my house. First it was attacking me, then I saw it, it was 2 little friendly girls about my age. More recently, I dreamed the Devil was choking me. I couldn’t breathe in the dream or real life. Then other nights it possesses me. But yesterday night I had three dreams of a demon trying to get my soul. First it asked me for it, then I said no. Then I went back to a normal dream, then it went pitch black again, it asked me for it again, so I said no. FINALLY… The terrifying part… Normal dream, pitch black. it said he was going to sell my soul. But I couldn’t say anything or think anything. I woke up. I tried to stay up. So it couldn’t talk to me again. But I went to sleep and saw nothing. I think he was finished his job. I was praying all day and still wondering if he has my soul. I asked God to give me a sign that it would be a good day today if he didn’t have my soul. So far, it’s been bad, but good. Don’t laugh. This is serious. I’m only 11 and having these dreams.

    • Romans 10:9 says “confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that he rose from the dead.” If you do that, god will eventually help you. I’m not saying he’ll help you soon, but he will.

  • I’ve dreamed of clowns I don’t like clowns at all but I was only 10 11 years of age I’m 31 now still have these dreams but I fight back . In my dream state I’m the one in control not my nightmares me so I trained my self to think of teen age mutant ninja turtles to come to my defend me an after weeks weeks of thinks this it stop happening we all got differnt ways of fighting back I can’t tell you who your hero is . On 25 of October 2012 I lost my mum really bad way . Seeing there brought all my bad dreams back an I was on meds for it then I realised that my wasn’t in control of my dream state then started think about the turtles again an I’m back in control hope this helps anyone

  • I’ve dreed of clowns I don’t like clowns at all but I was only 10 11 years of age I’m 31 now still have these dreams but I fight back . In my dream state I’m the one in control not my nightmares me so I trained my self to think of teen age mutant ninja turtles to come to my defend me an after weeks weeks of thinks this it stop happening we all got differnt ways of fighting back I can’t tell you who your hero is . On 25 of October 2012 I lost my mum really bad way . Seeing there brought all my bad dreams back an I was on meds for it then I realised that my wasn’t in control of my dream state then started think about the turtles again an I’m back in control hope this helps anyone

  • I stumbled upon this site because i was tring to find answers to my problems as well i don’t know if your is the same as what im experiencing but i would like to see if we can maybe help each other and maybe what you know might help me with what im dealing with.. my name is samantha hatley, please email me at hatley_1234@hotmail.com i would like to chat with you and this is no joke i dont believe im crazy but if this is happening to someone else like it is me, i need to talk to them. thanks.

  • Hello!my name is trecy and the other night i had two crazy dreams about a train exploding and ran off of the track!My other dream was i was sleeping in my bed when i felt something sit on my bed and was pushing me”also trying to sit on me at the same time”i knew that wasen;t right so i got scared and called out to Jesus””and suddenly the feeling went away,and i knew that was the work of a demon!so as the demon fleed i saw a white light in the closet so i walked over to it and suddenly woke up!I know how it feels to get a visit from a demonic spirit.So when that happens call on the man upstairs Jesus,Jesus,Jesus!!

  • I read one of your other questions. The smells, the fan turning on and off by itself and hearing footsteps. Notice, you said “the smells only went away when I started praying.” I can tell you I have experienced the smells, the of hearing foot steps and my television turns on and off by itself. I also have experienced sleep paralysis and the sex with demons. What you are dealing with here is demons. I would not try to consult a psychic, which I saw in another one of your posts. The occult simply opens the door to more demonic activity. I noticed too, that you had a post about your boyfriend cheating on you and you couldn’t get over it. It seems you have been dealing with these strange occurences for a long time, however demons like to use events that signal rejection and they may have increased their activity at that time. I understand what you are going through with the demons and I myself was deceived I believed that it was something that it was not. I imagine you have had this since you were a little girl. Demons want you to know who they are this is why they have revealed themselves to you in your dreams. The next time something weird happens rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ or trying praying since it was worked before. You should read this woman’s story about how she was delivered from demons and sleep paralysis. http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=306

    Here is another account by a young man that was delivered from demons:

    Feel free to e-mail me if you want to know more with how I have dealth with the demons.

    Cheers. see profile for email

  • Call your religious leader and let him bless you and your house. My cousin had nightmares and he would always wake up screaming in the middle of the night. He never said what he saw. He was terrified, so my aunt called a very religious man who lived in their neighborhood. He blessed my cousin and he stopped having the dreams.

  • You could ask God to make your sleep time more productive and have an angel minister to you in your dreams, instead of demons pestering you. Also, when you realize in your dreaming that it is demonic, just command them to “report to Jesus for further instructions, go” , in the name of Jesus. They’ll soon be leaving you alone, as they really hate having to report to Jesus, and when we command them to report to Him and use His name, they have to obey.

  • The most evil religion on the planet is Christianity, with over half the Christian population locked up behind bars. Ya see, the original Bible, the one that the Jews have always had states that G_d hates sacrifices, and that Christians identify Messiah with Jesus and define him as God incarnated as a man, and believe he died for the sins of humanity as a blood sacrifice. This means that one has to accept the idea that one person’s death can atone for another person’s sins. However, this is opposed to what the Bible says in Deuteronomy 24:26, “Every man shall be put to death for his own sin,” which is also expressed in Exodus 32:30-35, and Ezekiel 18. The Christian idea of the messiah also assumes that God wants, and will accept, a human sacrifice. After all, it was either Jesus-the-god who died on the cross, or Jesus-the-human. Jews believe that God cannot die, and so all that Christians are left with in the death of Jesus on the cross, is a human sacrifice. However, in Deuteronomy 12:30-31, God calls human sacrifice an abomination, and something He hates: “for every abomination to the Eternal, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods.” All human beings are sons or daughters, and any sacrifice to God of any human being would be something that God would hate. The Christian idea of the messiah consists of ideas that are UnBiblical.

    Therefore if ya just take off the Mark of the Beast, your Christian Cross(also a symbol of the KKK to install fear into minorities), then that cursed symbol will stop inflicting the demonic visions in your head.

    Did ya ever notice that it’s always Christians getting possessed, why do ya think that’s so, because Christianity is the source for Demonic Influence.

    • Deeply put Gretta…I am constantly confused by christianity.. I was raised to be a christian..but there so many tings that go unanswered.seems no one can explain them to me either..weird I guess. The only peace I hve ever had in my life is talking to God Directly ..not thru christ.

      • God, Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit are 3 in 1 so by speaking to God, u r also speaking to christ and the holy spirit… confusion does not come from but satan. you should check ur life and see if it’s in line with the bible. If your life is not right with God , you have created a loophole in which satan can attack you through your dreams and satan attacks us most easily through our minds. Since you are a christian, your solution is not to go seek advise from random people with random beliefs to help you. The bible asks us to seek advise from godly counsel whom are more wiser like your pastor. I also had oppressions since i was 14 years old, seen stuff, and was almost possessed. Now i am 22 and i’ve overcomed all these spiritual warfares. for me, i was too fearful of the spiritual realm and i had not enough faith in Jesus. i relied on my own strength to overcome them. what i did was to read psalms 91 and other prayers out loud so that my spirit can hear them. the frequency of the encounters i had reduced and now im free.. Praise the Lord, I’m free… you can too^^

        we christians are more susceptible to attacks because non-christians are already in satans’ hands and christians are responsible for bringing lost souls to Christ. this is satans’ way of bringing down our faith and win less souls. Do look at the bigger picture. You’ve given in to the lies of satan.
        Jesus is not incarnated as a man. He is God’s son!! he came as a man, to stoop to our level to die for us. please do not spin and alter god’s word as and when you like.

    • Christianity is the real religion.specifically. seventh day adventist.dont listen to gretta.just remember then ten commandments.ask God to protect you.draw nearer to God and he will draw nearer to you.and the devil will flee.God is love.Jesus and God are one!

  • We all leave our bodies during sleep and travel in spirit. You may have attracted the attention of a lost soul. I have “wrestled” with souls on many occasions. As long as I wake up and I’m okay, I don’t worry too much about it. Most “evil” spirits are no more powerful than the soul/spirit in us. I do know they thrive on energies we make through fear and anger. So stay calm if you can. Call on the Holy Spirit for Guidance and Protection.

  • Objectify by writing it all down. I have studied everything including demonology. I could be of great help but I would need to know more. Energy theory is the most prevelant today even among the intelligent thinkers. You will eventually come to a point that the average person is not able to attain because they are so entrenched in daily routine. You may find out that you are so SO much more then you could have ever imagined! Otherwise these ideas would not come so close to your experience. You may have untapped abilities. Please do not be so willing to accept the ‘good/evil’ philosophy. This ‘devil/hell’ belief is just so much stupidity! Primitive and irrational.

    • Can you please email me. I have always had demons follow me and attack me during my sleep. I can sense when spirits are around and if I am very opened I can hear them speak. It just got to the point that I have had it with them and I can not stand them.

  • I would have to know a lot more to give you a full explanation, but just off the top of my head I’m guessing that you have a witch mad at you and he or she is putting curses on you. This may also be because of an object (including a sexual partner) that you have recently allowed into your house. If your serious about wanting help, please feel free to email me directly, I don’t think it’s appropriate to try to discuss such things in here.

  • sleep paralysis’s r serious. d other deams u had (especially he 1st) is funny.

    to stop dem den call out for Jesus’s help in ur mind or do u ur best to make a cross sign wit ur tongue or fingers. but if u start partaking in new age/occultic stuf ex)horoscopes, yoga, palm reeding etc den ur leting demons enter ur home

  • Satan/demons are giving you these dreams. Call on Jesus then get saved. Jesus can help. Pray to Him to take away these demons then accept His gift of eternal life so you are in heaven forever. =)

    • You are basically asking her to die you only get eternal life in your ” heaven ” I’m not religious myself but I think you should consult a psychic priests always say we can’t help you if the psychic says its bad then leave the house you are currently living in

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