Why can’t I remember my past lives or the memories in them? Where do my memories go after I die? Please don’t push any religious propaganda on me.


  • Consciousness is just an emergent property of the brain. Once the brain dies, consciousness dies, too. Therefore, concepts of life after death (reincarnation, heaven and hell, etc.) are null.

    Of course, humans will delude themselves into believing they are something more (i.e. spiritual beings), but all the wishful thinking in the world won’t change the fact that death is the end.

    The only way we will continue on after death is through the memories we leave our family and friends, and the things we’ve done to help make the world a better place.

  • Your memories are stored in certain parts of your brain. It is through the neurons firing that these memories can be accessed.

    This is why brain trauma can cause memory loss, because when the brain is damaged, it can lose the memories stored in that spot.

    In order to answer your question, if we assume that reincarnation is real, why you would not remember past lives or memories is because you would have a new brain in your new life, because you would have a new body. Everything contained in the brain from your past life would have died with your past body. So you would start anew.

    Imagine I have a flashlight powered by batteries that never die. Eventually the flashlight will stop working. If I take those batteries out of the flashlight and put them into a radio, that would basically be how reincarnation would work. You would be the batteries.

    You would be a part of the flashlight first, but when I put you into the radio you don’t retain your function as a flashlight. You become a part of something new – the radio. That is how the memories would work, if we are assuming reincarnation is real. They wouldn’t transfer between the forms. Only the batteries would go on… which in humans different groups will call that the soul, spirit, essence, life force, etc.

  • “Why can’t I remember my past lives or the memories in them”
    Cos no such thing/s exist.

    “Please don’t push any religious propaganda on me.”
    But it’s only religions that entertain the reincarnation concept.

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    So what answer are you looking for? “It’s a lie”? or, “Gone with the wind”? What? You’re asking about reincarnation that obviously originated from a religious belief.

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