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where can i sell gemstones? topaz, amethyst, and garnet stones. cut..?

how do i know how much they are worth?
im just selling a couple of them i got as a one time thing. im in no diamond/gemn business.


  • i have natural yellow sapphire, one of 6.15ct and another of 12.50ct, very good color and clarity, want to sell
    pleasee contact me on 8750501974

  • Have some ametyst stones that I’m trying to find out the value ..maybe even sale..if anyone knows anything about these stones or where i can look to sale them at please email me

  • i have topaz (sunhaila) nd lemon in free size of quite good quality near about 2000 grms. which i want to sell at very honest and competitive pricing … just 20 indian rupee per carat (.35 us $ per carat ) ………….

  • i have topaz (sunhaila) nd lemon in free size and of quite good quality near about 2 kg wanna sell at very honest price ……….

  • Good day!
    I am selling a 786 carat topaz stone, GIA certified.
    I need to sell it really quick because of financial needs. The stone is in the United States. Price is negotiable.

    Please contact me with your offers. Dealers-traders-brokers- once again I REALY need to sell the stone in short terms, ready to pay a GOOD commission for result.

  • With reference to the 430 Carat Alexandrite Gem Stone, the market appraisal value is estimated at USD $ 257 Million by a reputed Gem Laboratory

    As this is considered as the BIGGEST EVER Alexandrite found in the world to date, and it is also endorsed by the world famous German Gubelin Gem Lab and American Gem Laboratory in USA, it is definitely a Rare Gem Collectors’ Priceless Possession in time to come.

    If your Buyer takes a closer look at the 4 close-up images of the Alexandrite, some valuable chemical intrusions can be observed, which is very very rare !!!

    In this above context, please let me have your feedback OR YOUR BEST REASONABLE OFFER FROM your Prospective Buyer, at your earliest, to proceed further.

    Thanks & cheers !!!

  • I have a few trays of gem stones that was given to me and i want to sell them. Im not sure what i have or where to start with selling them.

  • I have about 100 kg of IOLITE stones to sell. If anybody requires please contact to the above address
    S.Prakash Babu

  • for sell large amethyst looks black but when light hits it looks dark purple, geode , small pink crystal, crystal with amethyst pieces on top and large smoky crystal, are in very good condition, came from North Carolina Mountians

    • for sell large amethyst looks black until light hits it and it looks deep purple, large smoky crystal ,small pink crystal, geode, crystal with amethyst chunks on top came from North Carolina mountains

  • Dear sir,
    We deals in colour gem stones.our speciality in white topaz.
    This is available in every size and shape.
    We are basically stockist.you can get every time bulk quantity readily available. Thanking you.
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  • Greetings…

    On the wholesale market, it depends on a couple of factors:

    – Color Strength ( how deep or good of color )
    – Clarity ( how “clean” are the stones )
    – Carat ( how much weight or relative size )

    On average, I can tell you this:

    Garnet (Red): $2.00 per carat
    Amethyst ( Deep Purple ): $2.00-$5.00 per carat ( depending on origin and color strength
    -Topaz ( Swiss Blue ): $3.00 per carat

    This is as of the last AGTA Gem Show in Las Vegas approx 2 weeks ago….

    Hope that helps.

  • Gems have always been a highly secretive profession. You can see a GIA (Gemological Institute of America?) certified person for an appraisal. Some good jewelers are also ceritified GIA people. They can give you honest appraisals for your gems. It does cost money, but they will give you a GIA certificate of appraisal, that you can show a prospective buyer. But honestly, don’t try to get into the business unless you have connections…Everything from diamonds to gemstones is a tightly run business, and you can lose your shirt.

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