• These are two different entities, in my understanding. Soul is the user of our body. Consciousness is awareness that soul is controlling our body. During general anesthesia we lose consciousness for some time as the medicine acts on our body in such a way that it incapacitate some parts of our body. Because of disabling some parts of our body our soul can not use our body fully. Our soul uses our brain as a tool to control our body. When our brain is partly disabled (in case of, say, paralysis), both soul and consciousness are present. In such cases the soul loses control of some parts of body because the tool, i.e. brain can not be fully utilized by the soul. In such cases, we still remain conscious of what is happening and what parts are rendered out of control. In case of death, the brain ultimately stops working hence the user of this tool, i.e. brain, parts with the body, like if a user of a machine or computer finds the computer or machine useless, it abandons the device. Likewise on death, since the brain is disabled, the soul has no use of the body and hence parts with it, yet does not die as it is indestructible. Souls will die only when God (apology from atheists) has done with the humans and nothing more is needed of them. To conclude, consciousness lasts till the soul is still attached to the body. After the body dies and the soul parts with the body, the consciousness dies too, because the consciousness is till the brain is functional. God know the best.

  • In my honestly humble opinion….No one truly understand the human mind body and SOUL nevertheless CONSCIOUSNESS, what we think we understand is that CONSCIOUSNESS is a direct state of awareness to one’s reality, a profound and distinguished process of endless thoughts responding and reacting to idea’s, answers,questions and statements to achieve memory. I also believe that CONSCIOUSNESS maybe an eternal universal prison from which there is no escape however the spirit of the SOUL is our only serenity that keeps us from going completely insane!

  • A soul is produced by the coming together of a body and a spirit to form a sentient being – in the book of Genesis it is written that “God breathed [the word for breath is also the word spirit] into Adam, and Adam became a living soul.”
    The soul is the complete person – consciousness is the person’s awareness of their own soul and all it interacts with. It’s a very discrete difference, but it exists nonetheless. You are still “a living soul” when you are unconscious during a surgery, but obviously you are not conscious of that fact during that time. If you are frozen and held in suspended animation either by accident or by cryogenics, there may still be “life” in your body, thus meaning you are still “a living soul” but you are not conscious of the passage of time. (The word for soul in greek is psyche, which also means “life” depending on the context.)

    I believe at the point of death that your consciousness separates from your body, retaining some characteristics that it had while in your body – I believe therefore that you are then a conscious soul that no longer is dependent on the body-spirit connection to exist either as conscious or as a soul -but the spirit now compensates and becomes a “spirit-body” in which the soul can take up permanent consciousness without physical properties. But this part is conjecture, and could be wrong. Perhaps we’ll talk about it when it happens for both of us 🙂

    • Where People of Science get confused on this subject is thinking the being under general anesthesia and Death are the same, I believe that when you die your Soul and consciousness both leave your body, Millions of people who have had legitimate NDE’s cannot all be wrong considering the majority of them are telling the exact same story. Upon dying i believe your soul which in my opinion is where Consciousness comes from, Leaves your body and returns to him who gave it….Their will never be a way to prove this but science knowledge of the brain and NDE’s is in a juvenile stage, Coming from a Neurosurgeon who said we have not even scraped the surface and really in all honesty we know absolutely nothing about the working of the brain, Being able to five a broken blood vessel or removing a Tumor does not mean they are up on the brain..

  • Completely separate ideology’s of concept one being the spirit that lingers after death and the other is for the living. Well that is what I reckon anyway like.

  • There is no difference. “Soul” is a word created to attempt to put a label on that which breathes through Physical form.

    It is really much, much bigger than what is understood by Human Beings. Much like there is no point where the air in your living room ends and your dining room begins—there is no point in which one “soul” ends and the next begins.

    This is tricky to explain in terms understandable (or available) from a Human perspective, but it has much to do with that which we call Time and Space, which are both (helpful) illusions.

    We hear over and over how “we are all one” and “one love”, etc. And that is the reality—there is no true separation between you and that tree and that rock and your neighbor. However, the gift of the Time-Space illusion allows us to experience the expansion of the universe in a more enjoyable way than watching a blinding and indescribably enormous explosion.

    Which is somewhat what it would look like through Human perspective (which could not live through it anyway).

    • I do think Soul and Consciousness are different. Soul can be defined as “the very Prana, or life force that animates the physical body”. Consciousness is just the awareness that watches and experiences the Soul, thoughts and all the activities of the inner/spiritual world, just like the physical senses experience the outer/material world.
      Anyhow, this is my personal opinion from my perspective.

  • There’s a big difference; consciousness is real and soul is a made-up concept.

    In this particular case I’m using the term consciousness to mean a state of awareness or state of brain function. Even self-consciousness can be observed and quantified.

    Soul is a fabricated concept, like “justice” or “fairness”. Actually, that’s not even a good example because justice and fairness can exist, they simply exist according to what we SAY they are. They don’t exist outside our perception of them; they are not “real.” Likewise, the concept of a soul is not real.

  • Everyone who is awake and not brain injured is conscious. But most people don’t have soul. And of the people who do have soul, some have a lot more soul than others. Like James Brown.

  • Soul is mere imagination of men.
    Consciousness is illusion of reality from thread of discrete states of human mind (over spatial-temporal dimension).

    I wonder, if they are exist,
    what happened on both, if a person going insane?

  • consciousness has to do with your own identity…being aware of yourself and your response to input from our world.
    Soul doesn’t exist. Unless you are talking about James Brown or Pfunk.

  • I guess one example is soul is like your being itself. Who and what you are, while as consciousness is basically felling alive, being alive, or having a sense of being in general… Sorry I’m no expert but that’s kind of what i think lol…

  • They’re two completely different things. A soul is the moral or emotional nature of a human being, and consciousness is the state of awareness of one’s own feelings, what is happening around one, etc.

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