What does it matter? The end result is the same. Oh crap, I spelled “magic” wrong. lol.

The Multi-Medium Project:


  • well im a witch as you call it though I prefer the term wiccan, but the difference is that a witch cant connect with the dead unless she goes through majour transformation magick which is the right spelling btw

  • I went to see a medium who really was able to capture my attention she was able to hear me in a way I have never been heard. We discussed so much in a short time and confirmed areas about myself that I’ve been denying.

    Along in our talks we discussed items about my oldest living daughter and she frankly smiled and called her a witch. I’ve been trying to determine the differences between these two. I’m also interested in learning more of. Myself that I’ve felt and started to see but unclear how to harness or learn more. Where can I tur too?

  • What Pangel said.

    Mediums communicate with the spirits, most often our loved ones who have crossed over, and are able to relay messages from the spirit world to the living. The only Medium I personally know seems to be Christian from what I’ve heard her say about God, but she usually doesn’t like to discuss religion.

    Witchcraft is the practice of magic. Magic is energy, directed with intent, to bring about desired change. The energy comes from within the witch her/himself. Witches practice such things as folk magic and herbal/holistic healing. Myself and other witches I know use magic for helpful and healing purposes for those who are living, not to communicate with the dead. I’ll leave that to the mediums thank you, I have no desire to have a bunch of spirits yapping at me wanting me to give messages to their living loved ones.

    So no, the end result is not the same. A medium will pass on a message from a deceased friend or family member, while I would whip up an herbal remedy to relieve your flu symptoms, or cast a spell to help relieve your insomnia, or fulfill some such need like that.

  • Psychics don’t necessarilly intend to practice magick.

    Witches choose their craft, whether or not they truly have the gift is another question. Same goes for warlocks.

    A psychic who is not psychic is not a psychic. Then again, there are some who have the gift but do not develop it.

  • psychic mediums do not cast spells, they communicate with the dead or are Clairvoyant. Some (but not all) witches have these capabilites, most are not psychic..
    This is like comparing apples and oranges.

    • i’m quite intrigued by your terminology because I’m a wiccan and I have the psychic connection but you are right so little use it and a question are you an actual gypsy? or another fake

  • ^^^ ((((((Pangel)))))

    The psychic uses what’s contained in his mind without guidance while a Pagan studies a tradition, not much different than a Christian or a Muslim who prays for something and expects to get it. It’s all from the same source.

  • a psychic medium tunes in to both human and spirit energy with the purpose of passing on a message
    witchcraft is for the purpose of altering things by the means of intent

    I hate to disagree in that they are the same
    they are both very different
    however , one can practise all if they wish to ( and they usually do )

    by the way , I was invited to the group … and hate to decline as it looks great
    but I am spreading myself too thin as it is

    (((((Ennoae )))))

  • Magic refers to the pop culture version, and magick refers to the old Wicca stuff, which was really just people knowing how to use proper herbs when. So yeah, I’m pretty sure you used the wrong one xD

    Yeah, I’m not sure of the difference. Though I don’t put too much stock in either (the pop culture versions).

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