i want to learn how to open the third so i can expand my paranormal experiences and also because it is a requirement in my path. thanks


  • theres an experiment im trying have someone put there hands above the third eye and just meditate on the warmness with out looking for flash pictures it will come on there own.

  • if you are looking to open the third eye there is many ways to accomplish this….

    the best way is thru meditation here is the steps to take:

    1) sit in the lotus position and relax hands on your knee’s and connect index finger and thumb or for beginners you can sit in a chair

    2)take a deep breath in and count 1,2,3,4 and then release your breath slowly also counting from 1-4…..repeat this step until you feel light headed….this will help keep your mind focused and also relax your body

    3) then bring your attention to the middle of your forehead……BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY do NOT expect to have an experience rather let go of all thought or preconceived notions of what will happen and leave yourself open to the experiences.

    4) try this meditation for 15-20 min DAILY and then slowly begin to increase the time increments as your experience become stronger…..let your experiences guide as they come from a higher place of understanding.

    ***BUT please make sure that you are prepared for when you begin to open the third eye it is not uncommon to see and feel presences of things that are “scary” BUT to remember they are nothing more then an illusion of your fears. As awakening the third eye is meant to connect you with your inner and higher self. But you cannot accomplish this connection until have faced these fears and maybe also attachments which block you from your higher self…which is why its reccomended to have a guru or teacher to help you with the awakening of the third eye.

    ii hope this helps you out but like i said there is MANY ways to open the third eye, but if you need anything else let me know and I’ll make sure to respond back and help you with anything you need.

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