My friends, countrymen and fellow P and S Users, lend me your ears.

For the next few minutes, I want you to hear something very interesting— and that is Presidential Candidate , Barak Obama played backwards.

Though the power of backmasking or what’s known as Reverse Speech, I want to present to you a clip from his Senate Speech ( part 2) , Federal Interventions In Federal Markets. Below is the link to his actual speech:

and a selection from that speech in reverse I created using Audcity .

MY You Tube Link below :

Note: if this link does not open , it is because the movie may not yet be fully uploaded. In this case, check back later and I will refresh the link .

In this audio clip, I was able to clearly hear the words, OH SHI†! Plus, several references to his wife Michelle and something about liberal laws. But- most shockingly I heard him say the forbidden “N” word!

So, what is this all about you might ask. What is Back Masking. Back Masking is the subconscious mind speaking. I could go into more detailed information but for now I’ll just say it’s a very useful tool. For more information on Reverse Speech Patterns follow this link:

After you have heard the recording. Please comment on what you can hear. It may take several times to be able to recognize anything through the garble , but I tell you it is there.

The speed of the clipping has been slowed down for more easy speech recognition. There are still a few pops here and there. Thank you for listening

Video Ready.

This video will be deleted after best answer is selected
Yes, you will hear gibberish. But– in the gibberish you can hear audible phrases . You have to listen closely

here is even a better one than mine — if you don’t believe me….


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