okay so readin the manga one day i came across i rather….interesting (?) thing suigetsu said about karin….what in the world did she do to sasuke-kun? and why in the world does she have bite marks from sasuke all over her? i know that it has something to do with her chakra healing him, but i really don’t understand it?


  • As far as I can see is she didn’t do anything but heal him so he could keep fighting, plus other people bit her too.

  • Asiankiddess is wrong
    Sasuke obviously bit Karin cuz If he bites her he gets chakra =]
    Oh btw what chapter is this? just wondering ^^

  • So far, it is unknown what Karin has done to Sasuke. All those bite marks are not ALL from Sasuke, Sasuke just happened to need her at that TIME since he needed more chakra. Those other bite marks were from former ninjas who needed her. Some of them might have been from Sasuke (but I really doubt it; Sasuke would definitely not bite her in certain areas.

    Karin is a little bit obsessive with Sasuke though because she tried to keep his cloak (which was drenched in his sweat, EW!) and said that she was going to do something to him when he was asleep. CREEPY.

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