There are people that get attention to all the places they go. Not because they are not good looking or ugly, or because they dress in a particular way. They have ¨something¨ which makes them a magnet and be perceived with such strong vibes.


  • Presence is energy like you can still feel the person in the room even though they have left the room. From my experience it’s because God is in them 🙂

  • People get having a strong personality confused with having a strong presence. Having a strong presence is not learned. Those people are born with that ability. And some of them aren’t even aware they have it. Their meant to be leaders in this life, their meant to make a difference, their meant to be greater than others. That’s why they were given that special gift of Presence, they get noticed and remembered even if they don’t want to.

  • I think those people are born that way. A child I knew always had every eye in the room on her. It was not that she was beautiful. She had a special presence. She was also very intelligent.
    She is a photographer and about to do her first wedding. I told my husband I don’t think she’ll be able to slip into the background as photographers should. People will be watching her instead of the Bride and Groom.

  • It’s because they have survived through difficult times and dangerous events in their lives and they have the Lord within them that keeps them strong. His presence can be seen and felt even from a distance.

  • I believe integrity has a lot to do with it. When your thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony and you are honest with yourself and with others, you become more confident and you may command a conversation. But don’t forget to listen as well!

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