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    The truth is Kabbalah,The Torah and the Talmud all speak about the same subject just in different languages. All of these books speak about the Creator (the Force of bestowal) and the creation (the force of receiving) and about man’s inner correction of his egoistic nature in order to realize the goal of our existence – attaining similarity to the Creator, which is attaining similarity with the Upper Force of bestowal that governs all of reality. Other than this, there is nothing for a person to do in this world; it is the reason why we sense ourselves here in this world.

    In order to explain this, Kabbalists used four languages to express the sensation of the spiritual world:The language of the Torah, The language of Laws, the language of Legends and the language of Kabbalah. The language of Kabbalah is the most precise, and therefore it’s the one Kabbalists use the most. All of these texts speak only about the Creator’s actions and not for a moment do these books speak of this world. This is why these books are called “holy.” Those who attained the spiritual world advise us that in our times, it is only through the wisdom of Kabbalah are we able to come to truly understand whats written in all these books. Hope this helps and good luck in your search. Peace



  • 1)Torah- Five books of Moses, given to him by G-d.
    2)Talmud- Torah Sheh Beh Al Peh(Torah by heart).Actually, every single Jew had to memorize the whole Talmud. Then Rav Yehudah HaNasi(Tanah-Mishna sage) wrote the Mishnah down, because everyone was forgetting it. The Talmud Bavli was actually written by, Rav Ashi(Amora-Talmudic Sage), and Rabina(Amora-Talmudic Sage).The Talmud Yerushalmi was written in Jerusalem, while the Talmud Bavli was written in Babylon.
    3)Zohar- Written by Rav Shimon Bar Yochai(Tanah),and about another 7 Tanahim. It is a very complex explanation of the Torah, which should not be learned until the age of 40. Some say to keep one in your car. There is a Minhag(I think of B’nei Sephard) for the parents say the Zohar the night, or night after a child is born. There are other Kabbalistic books such as: Natan Torah, Nefesh Chaim, and Etz Chaim that for sure should not be learned until 40, but those were written by Chaim Vital i the name of the Arizal.

  • Kabbalah is mystical Judaism, Torah is the first 5 books of the TaNaKh (Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy), and the Talmud is a combination of historical data, interpretation of Torah, customs and beliefs of Judaism. They are all Jewish sacred books and there are others as well.

    Even though Judaism has many commentaries and various sects, all Jews believe in one God as revealed to us by the natural order of the Universe, celebrates this life without relying on a promise of another life and Jews have the mission to perform Tikkun Olam – to heal the world.

  • The Cabala is a Jewish doctrine that is like theology, used to understand the five books of moses
    The Torah is the cabala teaching , and the Talmud is the chronology and explanation of the torah.

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