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What is the best way to get rid of a Voodoo doll?

My girlfriend just realized that one of the dolls in her doll collection from childhood, is a Voodoo doll.

Her dad bought it for her on a trip to Louisiana in 1977.


  • I bought a male n female voo doo doll from a junk store for a dollar each as a joke for mt daughter she no longer wanted them was going to throw thdm away but I took them back I don’t want them is it ok to give them away to someone else that wants them please let me know alice

  • Do not burn it because you will burn the person
    So u should change the person because if u
    Do it wont look like the voodoo doll then it
    Wont work or u can put differerent
    DNA on it and make your own course up

  • chant the devils name sixhundred sixty six times while dancing naked around a camp fire by a lake. Then hold the doll under the water in the lake for six minutes, then throw it into the fire. After this, repeat the first step. Only do this on a full moon at midnight

  • NEVER EVER BURN A VOODOO DOLL- it can unleash evil!
    There are voodoo dolls that bring good luck aside from the cursed ones. If the dolls has no personal belongings of your girlfriends on it and also if there is nothing crossed out like a heart then it’s okay. If you burn it and it’s cursed you may unleash negative spirits.

  • Why get rid of it as it is no more than a superstition? Besides it is not a real voodoo doll, simply one that is marketed as being one as a novelty to take the money of tourists.


  • Ohh I hate those devil dolls lol! I know someone with one he stuck a pin in it about someone and he never came back to school, what i would do it rip it’s head off and burn every part of it lmao or just throw it in the bin but it’s not as fun as burning it 8) do me a favour don’t listen to redwitch for fk sake it’s just a doll WHY WOUKD U GO ALL THE WAY YO LOUISIANA TO BRING BACK A FKN DOLL they probably won’t accept it since it was from 1977!!

  • According to the shamans of Peru DO NOT Burn it. Someone must take it from you. You could try leaving on the bus seat or in the park hoping someone will pick it up, but you must stay close – can’t just abandon it. You can also reverse the spell ( send it back to the originator) . This involves taking the doll to a real shaman or voodoo practitioner.

  • There is no need to dispose of it. Louisiana Voodoo dolls are made for specific people – they are not a problem for anyone else. Personally, I would keep it just for the novelty of the thing.

    But if you must dispose of it, the “proper” method is to throw it into running water. Alternate methods are to throw it over your shoulder into the middle of a crossroads or bury it in a jar packed with pot ash and salt. You can burn it, but you have to dispose of the ashes by one of the methods described above.

    Also, keep in mind that the tradition idea of the Voodoo doll is unique to New Orleans Voodoo. If the doll is of Haitian or West African origin then it was made to serve a completely different purpose.

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