future telling is done mostly by palmistry, astrology or numerology. which one is comparitively more accurate on track record and why.


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  • Astrology is a perfect science, imperfectly known to every one till now. For that matter, in my view no science is perfect. What is wrong yesterday, may be right today. Once upon a time atom is indivisible. But now we know atom is divisible. Science (or Astrology) is an evolving concept. It is an art. There is no end to any art.
    There are some astrologers, especially those who follow KP(Krishna Moorthy Paddhathi) Astrology, who can predict almost exactly all different events in ones life. Still lot of research is going on in this directlion – such as Cuspul interlinks theory, Four step theory etc. which are really excellent.
    We cannot blame Medicine, for the reason some doctor did wrong diagnosis and not able to treat well or for the reason there are some diseases for which no medicine exists. Same is the case with astrology.

    • I do have similar (to expressed by Shri P Rameswara Anand) feeling about Astrology. Earlier I was hard-core non-believer.

      But based on certain events in my life and based on some one predicted future (a few months; based on KP Astrology) which later on found to be very close to reality, I was so-much amazed.
      Also, I considered following as fact of the universe.

      (1) Future is definite.
      (2) The actions appeared to be ‘de-liberate’ by a living-body is actually a pre-determined result of cause-effect chains, at all levels (Micro to Macro).
      (3) We are on course to un-fold the future.
      (4) There are some-ways known/gained by some-one who can have glimpse of what lies in the ‘future’ …NOT from “Exact Event” point of view … but a “glimpse from Sky” point of view.

  • leave it all behind otherwise you will be left behind the world is ruled by god not by astrologers no one can predict anything unless one take efforts to become successful. things are not going to change

  • It’s up to the practitioner. They could all be equally accurate if the person doing the reading is an expert. It would be up to you to find out their track record.
    That’s why I prefer the I Ching, because I do the readings myself and don’t have to depend on someone else’s interpretation.

  • palmistry, astrology, numerology all are accurate depending entirely on the master, if he is genuine all are predictable. i happen to have a friend who is a vastu professor, she once predicted that because someone”s staircase in their newly built house was anti clock wise running up, the boy of the family would die suddenly, but the boy had already died, so i did not think much of it, then i went visiting my aunt who had returned to their house after retirment, their staircase stood anticlockwise , their army captain son died suddenly in a bike crash, another time i met an old woman who took me to her house , i was sat under an anti clock staircase, their daughter -in-law got me a glass of water, i asked where her husband was, the older woman replied he had died suddenly in an accident.

    • Hi,
      Can u please tell , if there is any specific condition for anticlockwise stairs (i mean internal or external stairs), because i have seen a lot of houses having anticlockwise stairs. Also help us with the remedies wihout demolition for the same

  • I don’t think that any of these things should be taken seriously.
    Take astrology for instance how can the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth effect what happens in your life?

  • Each are as good as the other, so if you are looking for you fortune to be read just got to what ever is available. It is the person who reads them and interprets them that you wish to be accurate. For instance I read Runes and I find that they are very accurate and have been told so many times. So if you are looking for tools of the trade go with what stands out to you, what you have a connection with.

  • All are about equally useless, in my view.

    The stage magician and hoax debunker James Randi does demonstrations on these flimflams. One of his favorites is to go into a room of people, ask them their starsign, and give them a copy of a horoscope taken from the local paper. Then they’re asked to raise their hands if they think that the horoscope accurately predicts what they’re like. Most people raise their hands.

    The next step is to trade horoscopes with the person next to them. Surprise – they’re all exactly identical. Horoscopes work by giving you just enough information that you read yourself into it.

    Think rationally for just a bit about this – horoscopes are based on the “attraction” of planets or groups of stars that are at best millions of miles away, or even lightyears away. The pull they have on you can’t even be measured, yet people claim that it strongly influences your life. Your neighbor’s car has a stronger gravitational attraction to you, but do you claim to be a born leader because your neighbor drives a Mercedes?

  • All of them are totally unscientific and are of no practical value, so which one you choose doesn’t matter much. Although palmistry probably is best because the reader can get clues from the subject that might provide a wise palm reader with a solution to the person’s problems.

  • Photocopy your hands …. and then compare the photocopy with your palm 3 to 5 years latrer.
    Your decisions and life’s education can alter those lines.

    No future prediction is set in concrete. You can actually determine some changes yourself.

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