we are taught our energy is consumed by the earth and other organisms when we die…how about the people that are buried in coffins?
captain.. the word taught was not a good word to use. but many of people believe this, you answer isvery interesting….where do you think we go when we die?


  • There you go: “…where do you think we go when we die?” That’s the crux of your question, good job on getting to the point. Well, since one’s spirit has passed on, and since one’s spirit is one’s connection between this world and that, then that’s where the energy goes to.

    The physical body simply decays, it becomes smaller, remember Einstein: Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed.

    Did that answer your question?

  • Living things, such as people, are composed of matter and different kinds of energy.

    When a person dies, their body heat quickly disipates into the environment around them. The small electrical charges of their nervous system would probably disipate just as quickly. (I’m not sure about that part.)

    The “energy” of their soul would leave their body to go wherever it goes (maybe Heaven or hanging around like a ghost for awhile). Some people think there are different parts to a person’s spiritual energy. I think so too, but I’m not an expert on how all the different parts break apart from each other after death. I think the aura and energy body goes with the soul consciousness at first, then is left behind later, much as the physical body is left behind.

    After the soul has left, there is still residual pranic energy in the body for a short time, but it disipates to the environment after a few minutes, much as body heat does. Then the only living organisms in the body are bacteria and maybe a few parasites. Parasites can’t usually live long in a dead body, but bacteria can.

    As the flesh decomposes, the bacteria continue to multiply. If the body is refrigerated, this process is slowed. If the body is embalmed or cremated, the bacteria are killed. When a non-embalmed body is buried, the bacteria left in the body help the flesh to decompose more quickly, creating some heat and pranic energy in the process. These energies go into the air, wood and earth surrounding the coffin. An Embalmed body decomposes eventually too, but takes longer.

    The heat and pranic energy of a decomposing body go into the earth around it eventually, even if there is wood or stone between the body and the earth. These kinds of energies move easily, with little concern for physical matter.

    The final kinds of energies that a body is made up of are the chemical bonds of the molecules in it. This is the kind of energy we get from eating food. The bacteria in a decomposing body eat some of this energy. If plant roots eventually reach the decayed remains, they use this energy too. If plant roots don’t reach the remains, then the bacteria eventually die too and leave nutrient-rich residue that isn’t used by anything. The molecules of this residue would be potential energy, rather than active energy.

    – P.

  • Energy? Well, organisms consume mass, and e=mc^2 + v, so mass is energy, so…

    Heat energy stored within the body is lost in hours, and after embalming, the decomposition process very slowly occurs, so the “energy” is very slowly reclaimed by the earth, but coffins are sealed, so everything happens very slowly. No decompose in months stuff like what used to happen before modern embalming and burials.

    Although I know of no school that teaches “our energy is consumed by the earth and other organisms when we die”, that sounds like pseudo-science (or paganistic religious practises).

    The decomposition process does generate heat however, and heat is energy, and because you are buried, the heat energy is absorbed into the soil, but it is so insignificant it does not really matter. Unless you are talking mass graves or something. And even then..

    EDIT: Well, some experiments have been done regarding those “out of body experiences” that people claim happens to them when they die, and there is one really significant study being done at the moment, but results have not been released yet, but I assume the fact that they have not said it is total nonsense indicates that some people got the question “what was the picture we put on top of the filing cabinet” correct.

    What happens after death? You’re either buried or cremated. Unless you are in the navy then your body is committed to the ocean, or are part of the space corps in some earth military force then they just let your coffin float into the void of space.

    What happens to the “soul” after death? Does anyone really know? I can tell you one thing, it would be totally awesome to be a vampire. Assuming they actually existed and were just not a superstitious belief for the cause of sleep paralysis by blaming it on an undead monster trying to suck your blood. Being a zombie however would suck.

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