What Happens In The Afterlife To People Who Commit Suicide?

“In this video report, I cover the subject of suicide from many different angles. Based on the evidence of my 13-year investigation into the afterlife, I share with you in this video what happens when people who have committed suicide return home to the spirit world, the consequences of their act, whether or not they go to a place some people might call hell, how their suicide affects their soul and their soul’s growth, how their pre-birth choices are connected to their suicide, why everyone’s soul who has lost a loved one to suicide knew of this potential before entering this lifetime, and even how free will comes into play. If you have lost someone because they took their own life or you are merely curious about this subject, this video promises to be thought-provoking, insightful and comforting.”

~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV


  • Thank you Mr. Olson! This was very wise and quite complete explanation of the futility of suicide of the current physical body.

  • What about people who are terminally ill, or are in endless chronic physical pain, and take their life in order to save themselves and family from endless suffering?

  • You actually answered my question. By the way, you make a lot of sense, it’s a bit the way I see it as well. We leave this earth in the emotional state at the moment we die. However, I wonder how it works with people who get old, and get Alzheimer, and completely loose their mind. Also, do you believe in Karma? like cause and effect?

  • Thank you! After my son died by suicide 2 1/2 years ago, my husband and I saw a medium – such an incredibly healing experience! Everything you said in your video confirmed what she said. I work hard at finding his joy so that I, too, can find peace. God bless you, Nick!

  • Hi..thought of writing you a note just to sister ended her life approx 10 years ago; she couldn’t bare more emotional pain..I was close to her especially the last year before she died, she was very sensitive, and caring. I asked recently a medium recently too what happens with suicide’s. He said ‘nothing, except some need to come back to earth a little sooner’. I think it depends on the ‘mission’ being completed or not and the motivation for suicide’s.

  • Eternal is such a hard concept for me to fathom. How can we live forever, or do souls also die, and go back to an even higher soul.

  • Oh gosh, I hope there aren’t thousands of lifetimes we live. I don’t want to keep coming back as a new human over and over and over. That sounds horrible to me.  I hope I stay in the spirit world after this life.

  • I have been reading every possible book I can get my hands on after my husband took his life almost a year ago now and from all I have learned, this is really a great summary. I also want to point out that I don’t believe everything I read. I believe the things that ring true to me and my spirit and experiences. I really appreciate the fact that he says that at the beginning, something like, “don’t take my word for it, do your own research and find what rings true for you.”

  • Actually, people with alzheimers have a clear mind just before death, this is unexplained but true, Even Ronald Reagan woke and talked to his family just before he passed.

  • I lost my little brother 6 months ago from suicide..And I hate using that word. I have been reading so many books of the NDE and I do believe in all of this. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU

  • good video in the overall, I agree with a lot of your points .. however:
    “people who are on the brink of committing suicide are only thinking of themselves”

    really ? have you ever been suicidal ? you should think twice before making such ignorant statements .. you have little to zero knowledge of what goes inside a suicidal person mind

  • Since its such a sensitive topic regardless of belief, I think the outcome of the soul is different for everyone. I think everyone should look into the possibilities, especially if you know someone who has taken their life, sadly. The Paranormal/ Psychic communities would help anyone with the healing process, that is, if you believe in their practices. (God) Bless.

  • Yes, I suffered with depression most of life up into my 30s. I’m the author of a book on depression, “Win The Battle” (published 1999). I lectured at hospitals & support groups for years to help others. And I experienced years of suicidal ideation before finding a treatment that’s left me depression-free since 1994. My point is that people contemplating suicide are so focused on escaping their pain that they don’t think of others. And those who do think of others generally don’t follow through.

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